The E-Book

And here goes, the E-book version of the Crown Prince;

Scrap Cover Red

In order to promote the release of the third book, The Crown Prince,  in The Starstone Series, The Hand of Fate (book one) is at 15% discount as a paperback at the moment, and the E-book version of it will be free to download on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This Song, my poetry collection, will be free to download as well, Saturday and Sunday, as an e-book, mostly because The Crown Prince features some of the songs I have published in that one, finally connecting all of my books.

The Twins, book two, are at a 5 % discount as a paperback at the moment.

So, check it out, you’ll find links to all my books under “The Starstone Series” page at the top of this blog, (the Danish ones under “Serien om Stjernestenen,”) and I’ll try and remember to post links for the e-books, come the weekend, when two of them are free to download.

Until then, I promise this is the last post about The Crown Prince for a while, since it is now published in all the versions it’s going to be published in, until I get to set up the hardcover, but that won’t be anytime soon.

I better start looking into setting up The Twins as a hardcover though… Once I get the time… It was pouring down all day, yesterday, and now it stopped, so I better get on my bike, and go unwrap my horses from all the rugs I covered them in yesterday, before they feel too warm once the sun comes up…

I can’t wait till we have got my new horse house build…. But, one thing at the time. Our wood are coming home tomorrow, so now I just need time to paint and build the bloody thing, and to figure out how to get those poles into the ground… that is going to be iiiiinteresting. (Insert evil hand gesture.)

I know we have had a very dry summer, and I have kind of been hoping for rain for a very long time, but could it please stop raining, just until I get that house up?

Why am I always a little too late…


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2 Responses to The E-Book

  1. jen says:

    Finally got my Kindle about a month ago! I had downloaded The Hand of Fate ages ago and kept it in the cloud (ah…the magical cloud) at Amazon. Yeah, I could have read it on my computer, but I was waiting to savor it in bed at night. So I finally got to read it…and then I was hooked and had to get The Twins, which I’m still in the process of reading.

    While there are some grammatical errors (mostly verb conjugation and punctuation….please forgive me for saying so, but I’m trying to be totally honest…it’s all forgivable because you’re not a native speaker of English), the story itself is extremely interesting! I’m completely awed by your imagination! It’s quite an undertaking to create a whole new world and a wide variety of characters to inhabit that world… and then to get your readers to care about what happens to those characters. I’m not sure I cared too much about Cazal at first, but somewhere along the way, I found that I really do care about her and want to see what happens to her. And I guess that’s the whole point…she IS kind of a hard-to-like, prickly character until you get to know her (just ask Rhalino, right?)

    Needless to say, I’m excited to hear that I’ve got more to look forward to after The Twins!

    • Starstone says:

      thank you so much, I’m so glad to hear that 🙂
      Yes, I know I haven’t got rid of all the errors in them, I hope its not too confusing 😉
      It’s just soooo hard when you do most of the editing yourself, because I don’t pick up in most of it, because I know what I want to say, and my “editor” is from Denmark as well, and much better at translating than correcting mistakes 😉

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