Wood, Rain And The Red Bridle

A little update on my horse-house is in order I believe. First post about it here;


Anyway, I arrived at the stable, prepared to find the rest of my wood, having finally been delivered, and left in the drive way, smeared in gravel…

I did find that- almost. What I didn’t expect was that even now, despite the fact that it took XL-byg all day yesterday to find my order, which seemed to have evaporated, they still got it wrong.

Clearly, they had not found the missing order, they just decided to hand me over whatever I said I had paid for (am I that scary?) and hope I’d let the matter go.

Problem was, they had not been clever enough to write down what it was I said I paid for, so they sent me 10 planks, as long as they had them, figuring that was about it.

Naturally I called them up instantly, saying look, this wood is more expensive than what I paid for, and while I don’t mind that, as long as I am not paying extra, I didn’t need ten, I needed twelve.

And by the way, the smaller planks I ordered, were too long as well, although they did get the number right.

They apologized once again and promised to look it up and call me back.

So I started moving my wood, from the drive way it had been thrown in, cleaning off gravel, walking back and forth 20 times…. Before I was done, their delivery truck arrived, with the two missing planks.

So, not bothering to call me back, simply delivering what I said I was missing. Well, I guess that is one way to handle it… it does make one wonder though, are these guys professionals? I mean, how hard can it be to get an order right?

Anyway, I did get my wood at long last, quite a lot more than I paid for- not sure what I am going to use that for, since I really don’t need it, -but I guess it’s okay. And here it is, the new house for my horses;


Yeah okay, so we haven’t built it yet. Getting to that. Now it really needs to stop raining so the wood can dry up and I can paint it. And then, hopefully before too long, we can start drilling holes and planting poles and building a roof… wouldn’t that be awesome?

Ablaze is looking forward to it. He finds it very hard to sleep inside the house they have now. The walls keep getting in the way…


One could argue that he could just not, lie down next to the wall, but no. That is not a valid argument, and Ablaze says, that is not going to happen.

Last but not least, Marble got to try on her new black and red bridle. I bought it for her quite some time ago, the second I saw it, I knew it was hers. Still, she is only two, so I had not expected to bring it to the stable until next year, and it has been lying in my closet since I bought it.


I am not done wondering about Apocalipse though and his strange allergic reaction to my leather bridles, making him itch like crazy, and how he didn’t itch when I tried on the blue bridle made out of jeans-fabric.


Is it leather he is allergic to, or is it what I clean and treat my leather with?

So I figured, I’d try a bridle on him, that had never been cleaned or treated with anything, and see if he still responded to it, so Marbles new one, was released from my closet.

I didn’t get to try it on him though, because it wouldn’t stop raining, but Marble got to pose a bit. After all, it’s her bridle, even if Apocalipse is going to try it on, she should be the first to wear it, right?

She disagrees. She thinks the bit is a weird thing to have in her mouth and the noseband is equally evil. Still, doesn’t she look pretty? Once she grows up and it actually fits her, she is going to be astounding in that bridle. I told her that. She does not believe me.


So, please stop raining, and let me build my house, and try on that bridle on Apocalipse. I would really like to figure out exactly what is up with him…

And it would be really, really awesome to get that roof up by now… it has already been so much trouble and we haven’t even started building it yet…


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