Script Writing

It would seem that I am to venture into a new world, one of these days. Script writing.

Yeah, like for a movie. Anyone have any idea how annoying it is to write a script?

Me neither, but I think I am just beginning to get it, especially since you work with the director and he has a very clear view of what he wants.

Let me rephrase that, he has a very clear view of what shots he wants, what scenery, what light and setting…

So, basically, I was told that he wants a melancholic Science- Fantasy world, (sure thing)

Three main characters, it’s a short film, not a Hollywood movie so far, so just enough to be dynamic, but not enough to be too complicated… (okay then)

And about a thousand other ideas he had, running through his head, some of which clashes with each other, rather badly… But I’ll work it out. I’m a writer, right?

Well, honestly, I am not that good at working with anyone… but this time, I’ll give it a go. First off, because it could be fun, (I hope) to write a movie, and second, because I found something in a sales add yesterday, I absolutely need in my life…are you ready?

white wagon

Isn’t it just… to die for?

So, I was told, if I can work that into the script, (in a fair, useful way,) Dark Mare Pictures will buy it.

Oh you just watch me. I’ll work a white horse drawn carriage into the script, in fact I’ll make it impossible to write it out again. After all, I am a writer…

Now I just have to figure out what horses need to draw it, and of course, how it’s crucial for the movie to include the little white Arabian I have been looking at for a month now, and not bought- I can be good, right?

Okay, maybe not… but we do need a horse or two to draw that carriage… once I make it more important than the main characters in the movie… just give me a few days, I’ll work it out…

So why would I want a carriage? I have never driven a horse before in my life, I have no idea how and I have no horse that could work it…

I don’t know. Just scroll up and look at it again. Tell me it isn’t awesome.

(I’m serious, please tell me…)

No, script writing. Think pictures. Think scenery. Think… outside my little happy box. Let the director have a say, after all, it’s his movie…

Well, not tonight though. These days I am giving book four in the Starstone Series a read through, just to make sure it still adds up with the third I have just released and the fifth I finished writing recently. And tomorrow we are building a house for my horses…

Perfect timing. I’ll have loads of time to turn it in my head a thousand times and work that carriage into the story… and the white Arabian… after all, what would a movie be without either, in a Science – Fantasy world? Nooo, that would never be believable…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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14 Responses to Script Writing

  1. Thats great news, i know you can do it, just go for it, do what you can do. Otherwise we are here to support and if possible…help.

  2. Evil icequeen… Just saying 😉 sounds like a great project.. Will be looking forward to hear more..

  3. Damn… But I am not magic… I’m so very real… Sigh.. People never believe in me….

  4. Well, it is awesome, and we could also write it into The Kiss later on, I am sure you will make it more important than everything else

  5. sammerson says:

    I don’t think I could work with a director (or editor for that matter). I’m too self conscious about my writing and don’t take hypocrism very well. So I’m proud of you for taking on this challenge and wish you the best of luck!

    That is a really pretty carriage too. I love watching horse drawn carriages. Last Christmas I had the pleasure of caring for 12 draft horses that went down town and did carriage rides. They would hitch them up in our parking area and warm them up, and even took us on a free carriage ride around the neighborhood…it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had!

  6. jen says:

    YESSSS!!! You need that carriage! And I can’t help but picture the carriages in Harry Potter that are pulled by kestrals…..hmmm…maybe you need a unicorn to pull it… 🙂

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