The Pony Shelter

Okay, I’ve been offline for almost three days now, and here is why. We were building a roof for our horses.

This is how far we got the first day, to be honest, what took almost all day, was drilling the holes in the ground…


The second day, we figured, we could easily finish it, after all, drilling the holes by hand must be what takes the longest, right?



Everything seemed rather easy, even laying the first roof tile… and the next… and the next… sort of okay. It took a bit longer with the first row that we had expected, because we had to measure everything and make sure it was on straight and stuff, but it worked…

The second row, we just couldn’t fit at all. Nothing worked, it took us hours to figure out how roof tiles work and how to knock off the corners that kept lifting the tiles away from each other… more to the point, laying the second row, took us from about 1 am to 5,30 am… by then, I called a halt and we went home.


Thing is, my boyfriend were set to go to work yesterday, so what we didn’t finish Monday, would have had to wait all the way till the weekend, before we could pick it up again, since there was no way I was placing the roof on my own. Just getting the tiles up there was a challenge…


But, to my luck, the guy they should have been filming, went missing, so he couldn’t get to work yesterday. Which is why I snatched him up, texted my friend and begged for help, and so, we got the last two rows up, almost before dark…

Actually, we can have a whole row more than we had counted on now, that the construction market was so nice to deliver us the wrong wood, but we don’t have tiles for that yet. Still, this was sort of what we planned for when we set out to build the house and Tardis and Ablaze moved in, as we were fitting the last tiles.


I must admit, I am looking forward to see it in daylight. But it looked pretty good last night. Just the way I imagined the perfect house.

Open. Tardis hates walls.

Roof Night

I think that in time, I’ll fit two walls on it, but for now, this is how it is going to be if I want Tardis to use it. And with the walls on the other buildings it is so sheltered, there is hardly any wind at all. Working through the night, in a small rain storm, the temperature was remarkably higher under my new house, even before the roof came up, than just outside it. This is the perfect corner to place it in.

Aside from that, it has been cold, dark and raining, and not as much fun as one may think it is, to build a house. It wasn’t as bad either, as one may fear, after all, we did get it up in two and a half days and I only got a little sick.

Roof Night II

So, I believe that thanks are in order.

First of all to Aston. It is a very few guys, I imagine, who would take kindly to their girlfriend buying a pregnant pony, and then, having to build it a house… thank you, I really needed that pony and that foal, and that house. Those two sure have made me smile again, and I hope they have made it a little easier for you as well, getting through losing four of our old horses within two years. I know that losing Apollon in the end, truly knocked me off my feet and I don’t know how I would have kept on going if we hadn’t had a foal on the way. And now, I’ll sleep much better at night, knowing our foal is not getting rained upon….


I believe I owe great thanks to Aston’s mom as well, for paying for all the wood, making it possible for me to build exactly the house I wanted. Thank you!

Then, to the Evil Icequeen, Christina and Bente, for helping the first day, I believe that you got the worst day, with drilling the holes. Thanks, if you hadn’t been there, I would still have been digging….

And to LHK, for helping with the tiles, first for driving across the island and picking them up for me, then for helping two days in a row, with fitting them to my roof. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you!


And thanks to Tina and Annemarie for letting me borrow your tools, they have been invaluable.

So, all in all, thank you, all of you, I have the best friends in the world!

And now, my pony and her foal, have a house of their own….


I am hoping that in time, Saleem or Marble will move in with them, taking the pressure off the main house, but we will see what happens. I am pretty sure Apocalipse won’t be moving, he likes his walls too much. But I am not sure about the others. It is going to be interesting to see, what happens next.


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