Street Team – Again

Once again, I am a little surprised at how the HIM street teams are run on face book…

So, the official street teams had a group on face, where people could join and take part, at least if you were a street team leader… I really do hate the idea that someone is worth less than others in a fan based society, that the leaders can post on the wall, but the ordinary members can’t and such…

Honesty, the “ordinary” fans are what matters to a band…

Anyway, recently that group was “moved” to become a page, meaning that we received notice that the group was being deleted, so we should please “like” the page instead to stay updated. My first thought was “way to eliminate half of the members.”

And it did. The page now has about the half amount of “likes” as the group had members. So, cutting the fan base in half here, with one single move… what a stroke of brilliance.

I just discovered something else about it. For someone like me, who “likes” about a thousand pages on face book, I don’t get notifications on the Heartagram Team page at all, they drown in my news feed, and there is no way I can “save” the page. With the group, I could mark it as a favorite and never lose it. The page just… fades… I didn’t even remember it’s name anymore, when I suddenly tried finding it again today…

I know, kind of pointless post here, but there are just so many things that keep surprising me in the way “management” deal with promotion… and this, closing the group, sure were a stroke of brilliance…

So, if anyone, like me, find it hard to remember and find the new page, here it is;

I’ll make sure to forget that within a week… here is their official website, by the way, once again, one wonders why no one is getting it running again;

We all do remember, we have all spent hours, days, weeks of our lives on that page, until it was shut down… so guys, I am looking for your tour dates for October… let me tell you, posting them on your HIM face book page is not… good enough. There are about a thousand HIM pages on face book… I don’t know… once again, they drown each other out.

I would like to welcome Gas to face book though,

I have been wondering how on earth it was possible these days, to be a band and not have an online presence of some sort. So, way to go Gas!

(Honestly, I’ve been following The Rasmus, The 69 Eyes and 30 Seconds to Mars on Face book and twitter for quite a while, and it is just so much better for the band to be active, than have everything go through “management.” I have been wondering how HIM could keep it up, the not taking part they had going on…)

Okay, I think I got bitched out now. Almost.

The street team leader lists.

Yeah, we have a list of leaders, which sort of makes sense, because you must know who to contact if you want to join an official team. Heaven forbid you just handed out flyers on your own…

Anyway, enough with the irony, be good now Veronica!

No, the leader list, it starts with all the American teams.

Which is understandable I guess, since it starts with an A so if we go alphabetically, America is first? And then, pages down the list, we reach the “international leaders.”

Here is where I am thinking, oh no you didn’t!

So what, HIM is being run from America now, and the rest of us are international leaders? Honestly, so are the American teams, HIM is a Finish band, they used to belong to Europe, but no more?

I know, small things. I am just not cut out to work with others. I am not a team player. How I ended up in no less than two street teams, I have no idea.

Thanks girls, I owe you one for that…. You know who you are…

At least I learned one thing from this. I shouldn’t have a page on face book for my books. I should have a group. Much easier to handle…


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