Old Friends

I’ve been looking through my old pictures lately, looking for a cover for my next book, My Heart, My Soul, My Star, My Endless Night, the book about my horses, Natural Horsemanship, and Poseidon in particular.

I must say, it feels a bit odd, looking through this life of mine, that once was. Just last year, Poseidon and Apollon were still here, and the year before that, Legacy and Amalia were here too. Now, I discover that finding the right picture for my cover, might be very difficult indeed. I can’t just go to the stable now, and take the perfect picture.

Not if I want Poseidon on the cover, and I really do. As much as this book is about all of my horses, my training methods and my life with then, it is first and foremost, inspired by the one horse who taught me who to become, the one person who made me who I am today. I want him on the cover.

Which proves difficult. I have said it before, I have no pictures of this horse, that captures who he was. Poseidon was a feeling, an emotion, a touch of sunlight, a shadow, a winter storm, the wind between the trees… trying to find a picture of him, that does him justice, is just not happening.

So I could settle for one of our Natural Horsemanship pictures.


But that… just feels wrong. This was what we did, not who he was. This is not my heart, my soul, my star, my endless night, this looks like an ordinary, well trained horse.


Well trained he was, ordinary, he never became.

I have so precious few pictures of him. I know I have said this before as well, but the picture that captures his essence the best is this one, taken on the day he came to me, two years old and scared. This look in his eyes, were the feel you always got from him.


That is a lousy picture though, the quality is low, and not good enough to be used for a cover, it would look horrible in print.

So I came across this one.


The lonely side of him. I could go with that.

Trouble is, the picture won’t be tall enough for the cover of the book, so it would require a lot of photo shopping to make that happen, including cutting Poseidon out and inserting a whole new background.

I just can’t do that. My boyfriend tried, and it was all I could do not to cry as I watched him cut Poseidon out of that clear blue sky. I don’t want it tampered with. I really don’t. This was his life, his world, this was the way the sky was the day this picture was taken… I can’t change that. Call me mental. It just feels so wrong.

So I found this one. It can fit the dimensions of the book.

my heart

I like it that he is looking up. He is alert, alone and looking rather happy. I think it could work for me, this one.

My boyfriend does not like my title though, he thinks it’s too long and clumsy, and I must give him, it is. It’s hard too, to fit it onto a cover, and make it look nice. Still, I could not imagine this book with any other title. Or with any other face on the cover. I just wish I had more pictures to choose from.

So, nothing is carved in stone yet, but I think this cover may work. Unless I find some better picture. It won’t be right now, I still find it hard to go over my pictures, and see the familiar faces of those that used to share my life.




pink lady



Good thing I am not planning on releasing he book until next year. This could take a while…

(Legacy was euthanized in March 2011 with a broken bone in his left front leg- 8 years old. Amalia was euthanized in December 2011 with acute heart failure – 17 years old. Poseidon was euthanized in April 2012 with aggressive arthritis and a ringbone- 17 years old. Apollon was euthanized in December 2012, no one knows why, his body just died. His immune system failed, all of his minor arteries ruptured, he was bleeding internally. My vets and I fought like crazy, until I called a halt after he had only got worse for an entire month and we still had no answers and no treatment had any effect. He was 13 years old.)


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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7 Responses to Old Friends

  1. Try with the pic where they are mirrored in the water, i always loved that one, but I don´t know if it will work out for a cover, it have been a long time since I last saw it, I just can´t forget it…. 😉

  2. Marie Anne says:

    Perhaps you could split the idea into two books? One focusing on training and then one focusing on Poseidon. I love the picture of him against the sky.

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