Father And Son

Warning, I’m going to do a bit of picture spamming here… Apocalipse and Saleem were so nice today, to give me a very good show. They haven’t really done that since Ablaze was born. (How nice of them, Ablaze and Tardis do not like it much when they blow up like that, but it seems that they are now deeming the foal big enough to handle it.)

So, here goes, father and son, my two gorgeous young men;



And yes, they look violent, but they hardly touch each other, they are very careful.





Marble joins in a bit, but they don’t like to play with her much, she does make contact and my boys do not like getting kicked…



Saleem displaying himself from his best “dressage” side.



And of course, teaching all those rollkur riders out there, how it’s done…


Apocalipse loves the new house, it’s so funny to run in and out of at top speed!



Yeah, Saleem still flicks his head when excited.


And here he is, playing with a branch.


Yep, we might have had a foal that almost stole all the attention this summer, but my boys are just about ready to reclaim their place as the superstars on my pasture. Note how Ablaze and his mother are in none of the frames. At least my boys do not force anyone to play with them. In fact, they are very happy with their own company, they have a fantastic dynamic between them.



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