Sunshine And The Ferrier

Now I’m running a little short of time again, and finding it hard to sit down and update my blog- apologies.

Actually, we have been taking a lot of pictures lately, so be warned, they will be posted, once I get the time to go through them and upload them. So far I am trying to convince my computer to transfer them from my camera and onto my harddrive before I am getting picked up again… watching the estimated time, it should make it, but only just…

So in the mean time, a little picture of three of the most important boys in my life, Apocalipse, Aston and my Ferrier.

Apocalipse Peder

Yep, we were trimming the boys (and Marble) outside the house today, the weather was wonderful and I still haven’t been able to figure out what to do about the floor in my house, to even it out. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier for the Ferrier to see the horses legs and hooves and correct them if needed, if the floor is even, so it was great today, that we could use this huge tile outside.

Unfortunately, in Denmark, we can’t do that more than once or twice a year, because it’s always bloody raining… so I’ll have to fix that floor… somehow…

Anyway, I keep getting astounded by how wonderful my horses are. How… easy… trusting… no drama, no fuss, no panic attacks… no killing me or the Ferrier…

Imagine, I could just pick up Saleem on the pasture and walk him across the yard, and onto that tile and say, stand here, and he … did!

I mean, with Poseidon, if I should have been able to get shoes on him like that, on that tile, I would have had to practice it three months in advance, and at least bring along Amalia for company, and still, he might have a melt down and be unable to just stand there, on that tile…

And Apollon, oh boy, three months training in advance may have been enough to make him stand there, without company, but he would have been tense, jumpy, and ready to blow up in your face at any given moment…

I am so traumatized after 15 years with those two… I really can’t stop jumping for joy at how calm and easy Saleem is. How he could just… stand on that tile and get shoes on! Imagine that!

Marble thought it was a bit spooky, but she is only two years old, I had expected that, so Saleem stayed on the tile, and kept her company while we trimmed her. Mostly, because if she blows up, the Ferrier can’t touch her, she has got quite a temper, but still, it is much easier to contain her temper and train her and get a positive response from her, than it ever was with my two old boys.

She relaxed quickly, and was very nice to the Ferrier, and he got to take a good look at how her legs are growing. Since we have had a bit of trouble with her hind legs and tight tendons, and her knees locking, it was very important to me that he got to see her. Really see her.

Apocalipse, my three year old, the one in the picture, was just a superstar. Just as cool and unimpressed as his dad, Saleem.

Imagine that, a three year old that doesn’t cause a fuss over being removed from the pasture and placed on a tile and having his hooves trimmed? Is it possible?

It feels almost too good to be true… my boyfriend is still laughing at how impressed I am. Somehow he seem to think that we have trained the horses well and that they should be able to handle something as simple as this, all of them…

But really, it will take time before I wrap my mind around the fact that with these youngsters, the simple things may be just that… simple.

Once again, Poseidon and Apollon, I miss you guys so much, but on a day like this, I must admit, it is a relief that you are not here anymore. I will always cherish all our years together, and I will never stop being grateful for all the things you guys taught me, and you sure trained me well.

I know that I trained my youngsters, (along with Aston,) but really, the hoof guiding me, was yours. I make sure to teach them everything you guys could not learn. Hopefully, it will make their lives a whole lot easier than yours ever was, and in time, I will start to trust that any horse that is not the two of you, can actually be trained.

And that is unfair. You guys were well trained. You just never trusted the world, like my youngsters do. I am so sorry, I couldn’t teach you that.


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