Life And The Starstone Series

Remember when we shot these pictures, when my first book was released?


marble dane 6 the hand of fate 1

the hand of fate 2

Or these ones?

knut 1 knut 2

knut'n'alfa 2

Yeah well, I tried employing Life, the cat, as my new mascot, but she turns out to be quite unwilling…



Still, three out of five books in the Starstone Series now published… and yes, I bought the red version of the Crown Prince, to see what it would look like in print and I must say, once I get the time, I’ll make matching covers for the Hand of Fate and the Twins, releasing my series in a white and a red version, just like I did with the Crown Prince.

I just love both versions of the cover… but somehow I think the red version might appeal to more people than the white… so I think I’ll give it a try.

Anyway, I still can’t wait to hold the entire series in my hands- I know some of you feel the same, thank you!- and we are working on them as fast as we can. It is so amazing for me, to have my very own little world published like this, to have people I don’t know read it and respond to it. Thanks to all of you who have got back to me with your thoughts. Feedback is everything to a writer.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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