My Red Lady

First, let’s take a quick look back, to a year and a half ago, when I brought home this little sick, furry, skinny thing.

marble girl

It did say on her passport that she was a thoroughbred, but let’s be honest, it was hard to tell. Once I landed her on my pasture, the owner of my stable called me up, instantly saying “you are going to get reported, for having that thing on your pasture!” Luckily, our neighbors are so nosey, they knew it was a new horse, and didn’t report me, while we got her in shape.

marble girl 3

Anyway, Marble has not had too easy a time, with being lame all last summer, because she was growing too fast, once she started getting her vitamins and minerals… (I was aware of it and tried feeding her with caution, but clearly I failed…)

This year has been better for her and let’s not dwell on her past too much.

These pictures are from this spring.

marble girl 1

marble girl 2

And now, from yesterday, Marble Dane, in her red bridle;

IMG_8057 IMG_7782

IMG_7681 IMG_7822

Yes, she has been allowed to take over Legacy’s red boots.

legacy show

It has been costing me a great deal of heartache to bring those boots out of my closet again, but they are hardly used, and if anyone is brave enough to walk in his footsteps, it is my little Marble.



Somehow it seems fitting that she gets them now.

Not that she really needs boots with what we are doing these days, but they match the bridle, and once she grows up, she will be needing them.

And of course, she doesn’t need the bridle either, I usually work her in a halter, so I confess, this was just to get some beautiful pictures of my young lady, wearing red.


(It is only the second time she is wearing a bit, by the way, and she doesn’t mind it at all.)

Look at how big she has become. It caught me off guard, when I saw those pictures. She looks so big, next to me. I guess it was bound to happen, still when you see your horse every day, sometimes it takes a photograph to make you realize, that they have changed.


Marble sure has. A lot.


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  1. Ohhh she’s just so beautiful.. 🙂

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