Apocalipse In Blue!

And now I’ve shared pictures of Marble in red, and Saleem in blue, so let’s move on to Apocalipse in blue.


I know, the same boots as Saleem? This will not do.

Don’t worry, its Saleem’s boots and once Apocalipse grows up, I’ll make sure to get him his own boots in turquoise. The Pink Lady’s son, can’t have an ordinary basic color… I believe turquoise will be good on him.

The day we took these pictures, he was rather lame though, from having been kicked on his upper thigh, and the reason I “worked” him at all, was that I had to check how bad it was.



It was pretty bad. The swelling was clearly causing him a lot of pain when it came to bend the knee, so we quickly settled for hugging and kissing, and keeping up our spirits.




It was a Sunday, I am pretty sure my vets would have laughed like crazy if I had called them during a weekend for something like this… and now, three days later, the swelling has gone down, the wound didn’t become infected, and he only hate me a tiny bit for cleaning it and spraying it with antibiotics… he was hardly lame yesterday either, so it would seem that we are pulling through this one without bothering the vet. Fingers crossed.

I must admit, I didn’t buy that bridle for him, but since it’s the only bridle he wants to wear, I have had to surrender and let him have it.


It’s growing on me. I am slowly getting to like how it looks on his face. And I am sure that turquoise boots will fit him and the bridle perfectly… unless I let him have his mothers pink boots, to match the pink flowers on the bridle… if any of my boys could wear it, it would be Apocalipse… time will tell…


I know, color coordinating your horse like this, seems stupid right?

In a way, I guess. Still, I’ve always done it with my showjumpers, basically because a showjumper is allowed to wear the colors at shows, so any equipment you buy for your jumper, can be worn at shows, where you must look your best.

And, a jumper must wear boots, for protection and support of the tendons, so why not find a nice color?

It’s different with dressage. You must wear white, and once you reach a certain level, you can’t wear boots anymore… so what is the fun in buying flashy stuff for your dressage horse and wearing it at home?

In all honesty, I like it much better, with dressage horses, that they are kept simple. In dressage it’s all about what the horse can, how it’s trained, how it is ridden… you want the judge to see the horse.

It’s different with showjumping. Riding the Pink Lady, for instance, quickly leaves you with a reputation. The super fast dark mare, dressed all in pink, now that is something people remember, and in jumping, it’s a good thing to be remembered. You want your competitors to know you, to know that if you do a clear round, they will have to be fast, because the Pink Lady always is…

Pressure. Looking cool. Looking like you’ve got things under control at all times. God, I miss show jumping…

Grow up Apocalipse, grow up my boy…



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2 Responses to Apocalipse In Blue!

  1. sammerson says:

    Haha…I don’t even show my horses and all of their tack matches. I had to borrow my moms purple tack for awhile and when I started buying my own stuff, and getting it in my favorite color, green, it drove me crazy to mix and match, but I didn’t have a choice! Now all my halters, bridles, pads, everything match! And there’s really no point for it other than my anal-ness!

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