My Rainbow Foal

The last of my horses, my rainbow foal, should get a post of his own too right?

I did buy a lot of pink brushes for Ablaze before he was born, hoping for a filly, but his first halter was blue, simply because it was the only color I could find in a size that may fit a new born Arabian.

ablaze 4

He very quickly out grew that one though, (it’s a size Shetland foal,) and so we moved up to a size horse foal… which was hard to come by since summer was upon us and everyone were having foals, so all the special colors were taken…

So, Ablaze ended up with a rainbow halter.


Which he is rapidly out growing now as well, so I went looking for a size Shetland pony, which is the size in between foal and pony… and only comes in rainbow as well… looking forward to show him in that one soon… it’s even more “in your face rainbow” than the first…

But here we are, Ablaze can almost follow his human on a rope now.

IMG_7543 IMG_7544

He should, after all, he is nearly 5 months old. When Apocalipse was three weeks old, he could be led on a rope. Ablaze is proving to be a bit more challenging. He can only really walk when holding the rope in his mouth, or when biting the human…



Since I refuse to just pull him along, things are going to take time with this one, because I insist on getting a response from him, rather than forcing him.


I am still unsure of what color he is going to be when he grows up, in more ways than one. He is not going to be a rainbow horse forever, but I can’t really figure how his fur is turning out. He is not red, he is a light brown, which may grow darker in time, but he looks roan as well…


I still wait with bated breath to see what shade he will end up having, and thus, I do find it kind of fitting, that he is, for now, my rainbow foal.



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