Education In Denmark

For a while now, my boyfriend and I have been living of nothing, which is kind of interesting with five horses and a cat.

Okay, so not nothing, but my income has scraped us by, making us able to pay most of our bills for the horses, the vet excluded. Thing is, my boyfriend is studying, and in Denmark you get paid to study. That is, unless something goes wrong.

SU, (meaning state education support,) randomly forgets to pay the money, at least once a year, leaving you, in our case, counting on that money to pay your vet and well, to buy food for yourself. I imagine that others, might find it rather difficult to pay rent, in a situation like this…

Still, SU usually fixes it quickly, once you tell them. This time though, it doesn’t seem like it. We have the 7th today, and still no sign of the money.

Which is kind of giving me a nervous breakdown. Not so much because we are quickly running out of food, for ourselves, but mostly, because I hate not paying me vets… I have an installments agreement with them, and they have been very nice to me when Apollon crashed and burned last year, and even if constantly paying off that bill has been killing my economy, it has worked. Until now.

Thing is, Aston’s educations has been messed up big time. I am not even sure I can explain it.

He started on Physics and math, on the university. He then started up Dark Mare Pictures around the time where he should finish his bachelor. He asked if he could change the math course into a media course and was told that, no problem, as long as he didn’t finish the bachelor he could change easily.

So, he didn’t finish it, and changed, and started on Media, and went through almost an entire semester before he suddenly received notice, three days in advance, that the physics exam he was scheduled for, had been canceled, because he was not allowed to continue his education unless he had finished the bachelor.

Alright, that took you almost six months to bloody figure out? Why didn’t anyone tell him when he asked to change subjects?

So, he was kind of rushed into taking the math exam, for which he had not studied at all, since he didn’t think he was taking math anymore, and he failed for the first time.

So his SU ran out this spring, because he still hasn’t finished his bachelor. He had asked for dispensation to change the failed math course with another math course, which would enable him to finish it this fall, and get going with his education.

Said dispensation was not treated for four months, and after he had asked them multiple times if they had reached a decision, no rush guys, our future kind of depends on this, they declined, saying that changing one math course with another, would leave him less qualified and make it harder for him to get a job…

One could argue, that having to terminate the education altogether, would leave him a LOT less qualified, than changing one course, but what do I know…

So SU granted him a loan, until the university got their act together. We are now waiting for another dispensation application to be processed. And for the money to show up. SU says they have paid, it’s just not arriving on his bank account… so that’s brilliant.

There is another side to this. Since SU is a rather small amount, he has been taking what is called an SU-loan, all the way through his education, to supplement us. After all, quitting his job, and starting an education, with the six horses we had back then, he had to expect that it would be hard to make ends meet.

It is quite common for people to take the SU-loan while studying, because no one, not even someone without horses, can live on SU alone, but it does become a rather huge amount of money you owe the state, if you study for five years.

Especially if the university fucks up your education by giving you wrong advice, forcing you to loan all the money you are being paid, not just half of it, because technically your education has been halted.

So, drowning a little here. Okay a lot. I hate money trouble. It’s the worst.

I know, I could sell a few horses and we’d probably be able to eat, and breathe a lot easier, even when things go haywire, but really…

That’s not an option. We will find a way through this. We have to. This is crazy. None of it makes any sense. Sometimes I just don’t get this world. I mean, how hard can it be for one bank to transfer money to another bank? Does it have to take them a fucking week?

And even more so, how hard can it be for Syddansk Universitet to know their own rules and guide their students so they won’t have to terminate their education half way through?

Because if this doesn’t work out, he is going to have to quit studying and focus fulltime on Dark Mare Pictures, meaning that he is eliminating his fall back job, as a physics teacher.

Who needs a plan B though… clearly we don’t, because give it another week and we will either have starved to death or started eating the horses feed… I bet hay tastes a lot better than it looks…


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2 Responses to Education In Denmark

  1. jen says:

    Yes, I agree – money trouble is the absolute worst! I hope you get it all sorted out soon, because NO, hay does not taste good!

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