Free Video From Epona

Epona has set up one of their videos for free for the next 30 days, so for anyone who have a horse, ride a horse, or is remotely interested in riding or dressage, do yourself a favor, watch it.

Do your horse a favor, listen.

You have to sign in, with username : and password : eponaguest

Really, it is very enlightening.


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6 Responses to Free Video From Epona

  1. saraannon says:

    What Gerd Hausman doesn’t say clearly is that the false piaffe is often taught by whipping the horse on the belly and sheath with either a chain or a sharp curb in their mouth to stop them from moving forward until they begin to kick and jump from pain. The whip may have lead fishing weights clamped onto the lash to make sure each blow is sufficiently painful to get the desired response. The grey horse shown about midway through the video unevenly hopping about on the spot with his hind-feet landing every which way has been whipped into a pretense of the movement and his rider/trainer/coach should be disqualified. While I am glad that Gerd is speaking out now, once I saw this this type of abuse and realized that the results were rewarded in the show ring, I decided that competitive dressage was not for me. That was a good twenty years ago.

    • Starstone says:

      I have no doubt that the grey horse they use as a bad example has been beaten… but there us no prove of that anywhere, so what we can do, is coment on the roll kur, because that shows, even if they don’t do it in the show ring, and that is just as much abuse as beating the horse…

      yes, it can be very sad to be part of that world, but quitting is not for me… I believe that someone have to speak up and do better, other wise it is never going to change…

      • saraannon says:

        Actually, the proof is in the horse’s movement and much like the ‘big lick’ Tennessee Walking Horses neither judges nor competitors care to acknowledge or perhaps are to ignorant to see the abuse. I do speak up in words as the opportunity to learn is vital to change -see my blog:
        but also in my actions. When abuse is rewarded as a calculated part of a business model that considers the horse a disposable product that needs to be replaced before they are even mature so as to maximize profits is when I draw the line. I ride my own animals to the best of my ability and I will not sanction institutionalized abuse by giving them my time and money.

      • Starstone says:

        the horses movement is easily caused by rollkur alone… it’s not hard to make a horse lower its back and raise its front legs and it can be done by use of the rein and the spurs…. so no, I see no solid proof that Blue Hors Matine has been beaten….
        she is ridden on a tight rein, on a hard bit, with her head behind the vertical and that will ALWAYS cause “tense steps.”
        and in my world, that is as much abuse, as if she had been beaten…

  2. saraannon says:
    is a citable scientific study documenting some of the problems with rolkur, short, concise and definitely worth reading. I agree that it is almost impossible to produce a true piaffe when the horse has its chin hauled down into its chest which is why trainers resort to the whipping the groin method. Rolkur is not only cruel itself, there is a cascade of cruelty that follows it. Spraddle-legged hop-about-on-the-spot only passes for piaffe at the FEI level when there is willful blindness and usually those blinders are made out of money.

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