Speaking Of The Foamy Mouth

It is so nice to hear someone else say it for a change… sometimes I feel like I am shouting at a solid brick wall…


In the most recent link we saw a horse with enough foam coming from his mouth to top every Starbuck’s latte for a week.  That’s too much and a clear indication of an unhappy horse, who finally had had enough and simply left.

Have a look at this short blog article entitled The One Picture.  The author points out several issues with the picture that are spot on.  I’d like to point out a few more, starting with the foamed mouth.  It’s still too much.  This horse has no white on his face, so that’s a big gob of froth about to splatter his chest.  If the flash wasn’t so tight, there’d be more foam flying out of this horse’s mouth.  The cavesson also looks to be cranked beyond tight.

Now look at the horse’s throat and how the skin is folded.  This horse isn’t just behind the vertical, he’s a lot…

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