The Abscess

Oh how I love the world of horses. I really do. Every time you stick your neck out, someone must get you for it. Its just human nature I guess. Even amongst people who don’t condone animal abuse, you must turn on each other, you must be better than each other; you must drop snide remarks about each other…

So sad, so childish, so unnecessary, but I am going to answer anyway…

What brought this on? Usually I’ve got pretty thick skin, but it is just so tiresome… every time some idiot starts coming after my horses, it makes me want to quit speaking up, because it’s just not worth the trouble.

Yes, Saleem had a hoof abscess two bloody years ago, I was devastated, I was terrified, my vet, my Ferrier and I fought like crazy to mend him, I even moved my horses from one stable to another, in the middle of a blizzard, to give him the best possible options for healing, that I knew how.

It cost me a lot of tears, a lot of money, and it sure cost Saleem a lot of pain, but we worked through it.

Yes, I took pictures of the development, and posted them on my blog. Mostly, because when Saleem’s abscess burst in the coronet band, I had never seen that before in my life and I freaked out, thinking he was losing his hoof, and when I looked it up online I couldn’t find a single picture of what it was supposed to look like.

I believe I even explained that, once or twice in one of my numerous posts about that abscess and Apocalipse’s hoof injury.

Truth is, this was a horrible time for me, in so many ways. Legacy had just died, Amalia had just died, Poseidon had that strange nasal infection, and was bleeding from the nose for 14 days straight, Apocalipse cut up his hoof and Saleem got that abscess and I had to find a new stable, and transportation for four horses, without warning.

Truth is, I did everything humanly possible to mend all of it, like I always do. My vet and my Ferrier are very skilled and I TRUST them in every sense of the word.

Truth is, I guess, I should sit back and smile, when someone looking through my blog, can’t find anything to point fingers at, except for Saleem’s hoof abscess. Still, I don’t see the need, even if you call yourself “ladyferrier” and thinks you know everything about hooves, worldwide…

It is just such a girl-thing.

To be honest, the comment I got, wasn’t even a comment, it was just a remark, that she had read my post about the abscess, (which one, I’ve got about ten, all of them with pictures…?) gah, sigh….

Wow, that’s mature. Well good point there.

Yes, I take offence to someone, feeling the need to poke at a personal tragedy, like this was for me. Not because of the abscess alone, but because I had just lost two horses, one with a broken leg,

The x-rays are here, by the way,

And one with a failing heart,

My old boy Poseidon was potentially dying on me, since if he had been a normal horse he should have been admitted to a hospital and operated in his nose to kill the infection but since he was my “the horse that doesn’t like humans,” as everybody called him, I was left to fight for his life on my own, and all my vets could do was support me in anything I needed, since no one but me could touch the horse.

The one time one of them did see him, at a distance, while the infection lasted, he freaked out and it caused the bleeding to increase. They had to leave.

And Apocalipse cut up his hoof, leaving me with a nervous breakdown. I don’t think I have ever felt this heartbroken in my life.

I believe this post summons up my state of mind quite well, this was not just a bloody abscess, this was my life, falling apart, which you would know if you had read anything else besides looking at a few pictures, and feeling the need to sigh over something you couldn’t even put in writing…?

So, yes, some things I don’t take nicely to. But anything you would like to ask me about those pictures, feel free to ask. I have an answer for everything we ever did with my horses, because unlike most horse owners, I obsess until I understand.

That said, I am always open to learn new things, but not from people who feel the need to “sigh” behind me back for no apparent reason. That is just childish…

And one last thing. Saleem wear shoes, yes, four point on his front legs.

That is not going to change.

My Ferrier KNOWS what he is doing, he is highly educated, he has tended my horses for 17 years by now, and I have never seen him make any mistakes. Sometimes it takes him a while to get where he wants to be, but that is because he is skilled and he knows that you can’t just correct a horses legs without damaging them, it takes time.

I am not interested in starting another discussion about shoes/not shoes. I live in Denmark. Our ground is simply too soft for horse hooves, it has been scientifically proven time and time again. I do believe that I am doing the best I can for my horse, by supporting his hooves with the right kind of shoes, and I do believe that all those sore footed, bare foot horses I see hobbling about, constitutes mistreatment, so let me close that discussion before it ever takes off.

I am not a child, I am not a foolish little horse girl who likes to cry wolf and point fingers at others, I KNOW what I am talking about, and when I do post pictures of Sezuan for instance, it is not because I feel the need to prove that I am better, or to display my knowledge of horse anatomy, it is simply because I feel horrified that so many people condone animal abuse.

And no, I am not a vet, I am not a Ferrier, but I am a Natural Horsemanship trainer and I have been standing right next to my Ferrier for 17 years, once a month, watching and asking questions, double checking everything online… I have been treating Poseidon myself- the horse that only I could touch- for 15 years, with his various issues, my vets respect me and knows that when I call and ask for something, I am not just being hysterical. Even when the day came and I called and asked to have him euthanized they just asked me who, (should do it) when and how.

I have learned by doing, and I sure have made mistakes, I am not bulletproof or perfect. But I remember my mistakes, I take them to heart and I carry them with me forever.

Saleem’s hoof abscess caught me off guard. I am terribly sorry he had to go through that. If I have a say in it, and I believe I do, it will never happen again. I learned my lesson.

So feel free to sigh away now… I believe I got my point across. And yes, I am just as much a fire-spewing dragon as Poseidon used to be, after all we were soul mates and we never took kindly to human stupidity or ignorance.

God, I miss him.

(He didn’t die from the nosebleed, by the way, I got that, much to my vets surprise… stubbornness and a keen understanding of how your horse works will get you very far…)

Okay, truth be told, I don’t know why it even bothers me that some stranger would feel the need to sigh over one of my hoof abscess posts. Now I am thinking that I should maybe delete this post before it is even published. What’s the point, really? I am not defending myself, I am not ashamed of it in any way…

If the abscess hadn’t happened in the middle of the worst time of my life, I don’t think I would have responded at all. I shouldn’t. But clearly, I am still bleeding. Saleem may have recovered. I haven’t. I don’t think I ever will. That is just who I am.

I never let anything go. Not even a hoof abscess.


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4 Responses to The Abscess

  1. jen says:

    Why was someone sighing over your post about Saleem’s hoof abscess? Was it just that one word *sigh*? I’m too lazy to go back and sift through them all myself to see. Every horse person I know has had to deal with a hoof abscess at some point, whether their horses are barefoot or shod. Not sure what there is to sigh about…unless it was a sympathetic sigh…like “I know where you’re coming from, sista”….but I’m thinking maybe that’s not the case…so I’ll just take this opportunity to give you a sympathetic sigh myself….*sigh*. 🙂 I know where you’re coming from, sista! Too much criticism is one of the main reasons I don’t go into much detail about my horse adventures anymore. No matter what you’re doing, someone will think you’re doing it wrong!

  2. jen says:

    Ahhh…found it…just needed to look at another post and there it was in the comments. Yup, that’s hard to interpret…

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