The Young Riders

When we posted the pictures from the Danish Championships, we all know what pictures we are talking about by now, we were told that it was a shame we didn’t see the young riders, because they were so much more sympathetic riders.

Of course, we had to see the young riders at JBK.

I got to say, I wasn’t blown away by how sympathetic their riding was. Granted, there wasn’t any blue tongues, but there sure was a lot of off beat gaits- hardly any that wasn’t- and a lot of pulling on the reins, right in front of the judges.

I didn’t see the warm up. It was open for public, but to be honest, the light was lousy and my camera just isn’t cool enough to compensate for that without using a flash…

So, here are a few pictures, of the young riders.











The future sure looks bright.


If anyone wants to see more, contact me on my email,


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