Vet Check

A little horsey update…

My vet was by this week, mainly to chip Ablaze. Poor little boy, having to get a chip in his neck, but that is the law, so I can’t avoid that. (Honestly, I like it that he is MINE now, and that I can prove it by that darn chip, should he ever get stolen or lost, but I still pity him…) Ablaze had to have a DNA test done as well, and he got his vaccinations as well. You can imagine how much he despised the vet once she was done with him.

Luckily, he seems to be forgiving me, ever so slowly. Even more luckily, he is not having a bad reaction to the vaccination, like Saleem and Apocalipse always does, so that is pretty cool. (That is the law too, by the way, all foals born in 2013 must have three vaccinations, specifically the first when they turn 6 months, the next a month later, and the last, the so called booster, six months later. Nothing I can do about that either, that I haven’t already done, by writing angry letters and stuff, but I find myself overruled.)

The DNA test is more or less voluntary on my part, that is just to prove that he is in fact an OX Arabian, and to make sure that he get his pedigree in his passport, the so called “red passport.” I could have skipped the DNA test, and registered him without pedigree, giving him a “green passport,” making him a bastard, and usually I couldn’t care less about the color of my horses papers, but with the Arabians, they actually serve a purpose. With a red passport, I am allowed to do Arabian shows with him. So, I am already planning his future now, and I am afraid we are going to need that pedigree someday…

While the vet was there, I had her check the teeth on Tardis, Apocalipse and Saleem. Tardis wasn’t as bad as I had feared she would be, Apocalipse was worse than I had thought, and Saleem, being the one I have my vets check every six months, not once a year like the others, was well, Saleem. A tiny wound on the inside of his cheek. It never fails. His teeth are just not really fitting in his mouth no matter how much we check him… Still, now we are good to go for a while again.

The great thing about it was that Tardis didn’t hate the vet this time. She didn’t freak out over having a stranger touch her, for the first time. Jumping for joy here…

Marble was the only one I hadn’t planned on having my vets look at, since she got her yearly vaccinations and had her teeth checked in April, so I figured she could sit this one out.

Marble thought otherwise and came up lame the night before the vet was set to arrive. By morning, she was so lame she could hardly move. We are all thinking hoof abscess right?


So, I found out that I still remember how to make a duct tape boot, and keep Marble’s hoof clean and dry despite the rain. I found out too, that Marble do not respect the rope when you tie her up, and she is not afraid of pulling on it until it breaks and she couldn’t care less if I am trying to convince her to give me ten more seconds to ninja strap duct tape on her hoof. Really, I am pretty good at it, I am very fast… just not fast enough… boy, she has got a temper…today, I kind of cheated, and only wrapped her hoof in vet flex, and a leather boot I have from when Apocalipse cut his hoof two years ago. I have my doubts about that leather boot though, so I duct taped the Velcro on it. Marble managed to snap the rope twice while I did that. Bloody little thoroughbred dragon…. !

But, she is no longer lame, and I maybe I am just hysterical, wanting to keep it clean for at least another week, but we are going to have to deal with that somehow…

The funny thing about her is that I can easily inject her with antibiotics. She doesn’t mind at all.

I am thinking, that actually hurts, having a needle jabbed into your neck and 30 ml of fluid pumped into your muscle, but she doesn’t flinch when I do that.

But try wrapping her hoof up in duct tape and see how far you get before she starts spewing fire…

I love horses, I love horses, I love horses… I really do.

And she is a good little girl. She really is. And she does have lousy hooves, so I am betting that no matter how dry and plain I keep my pasture, this won’t be the last time we will have to do this, so we are going to work it out somehow.

The important thing is, she is recovering and is no longer in pain. I hate having a horse in pain. I nearly had a nervous breakdown when she came up lame, fearing laminitis, or any other horrible sickness… You name it, I imagined it, even though I kept telling myself, it’s just an abscess, it’s just an abscess… please let it be an abscess…

She did have my vet thrown a little, since she managed to have clear, enhanced pulse in all four legs when my vet arrived. (That always gets you thinking laminitis, or abscess… but on all four legs?) My vet even started checking her hind legs, while I was pointing to her front leg, saying “I’m pretty sure it’s this one…” But that is how lame a horse can get, from a single, small abscess. So lame it’s hard to tell which leg it’s unable to move. Which makes it even more impressive when you cut the abscess open and the horse is instantly better, and this is why I am so adamant about keeping the hole in her hoof clean.

Accidents happen, especially to Marble, I can’t and I won’t keep her locked up in a booth, but I sure as hell will treat her the best way I know how, if she falls ill. That includes wrapping her up in duct tape until I am satisfied that the abscess is healed.

So, horsey update. We are never bored ha?

Saleem and I are doing an Arabian show in two weeks time. I better look up the programs I am supposed to ride and memorize them. I suck at that.

And I can’t really focus on anything as long as I have got a sick horse.

But she is better. Much better. I am just obsessing… as always.


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