Rollkur And Show Jumping

Let’s be fair, I’ve been going after Andreas Helgstrand, and the world of dressage a lot, now hasn’t I? Thing is, the world of show jumping is just as awesome… It’s just not as easily spotted. At least not always. But let’s stick to the Rollkur issue for now. You see, jumping riders know how to hyperflex their horses too. One wonders what they hope to achieve by it though? Obedience?

Anyway, we were at JBK and saw one of the small levels. A 1,20 class, meaning that it’s not that high or that challenging, really. Any horse should be able to jump it.

Still, I love watching show jumping, since it’s always been a passion of mine. I did find my passion for the sport failing a bit, by seeing how a lot of the horses were ridden, IN the show ring, RIGHT in front of the judges.









This one horse, for instance, had its tongue out the entire time. Did the rider stop to correct the bit, of check what was up? No….. Stupid me…


To be honest, the fact that she was not disqualified for that kind of behavior INSIDE the show ring, that is very disappointing…




She even came to the receive her ribbon, wearing a tight draw rein, and the horse was still sticking its tongue out… what horsemanship… can I applaud now, please?



She wasn’t the only one, to be fair… This is from the warm up…


My friend and I found ourselves giggling when this girl showed up though. Look at that, no martingal, and an ordinary snaffle bit…


I mean really, how did she get in? Did she really think that she could do what no other could, ride her horse nicely? Preposterous… of course we had to check her name…


And well, we didn’t stop giggling. It’s one of my vets. Once in a while it is so nice to be positively surprised!


I guess I really do use the right vets…!

One other though, must be mentioned. A grey one, wearing no nose band. I am not sure that is allowed, but it sure was awesome! Despite the fact that she is using a three ring bit, the horse does not open its mouth! I love these pictures…



So, all in all, I still love show jumping, mostly because it is POSSIBLE to compete and still treat your horse right.

Still, it makes me sad to see the way the sport is developing. Rollkur in show jumping.



Just… why?

Is there no end to human ignorance?


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6 Responses to Rollkur And Show Jumping

  1. Anouk Wiertz says:

    All of them ridden in rollkur are also clearly sporting the extremely tight nosebands. Look at how the cavesson is pulled down the nose by the flash.. I’m positively surprised whenever I see a noseband that is in fact still straight on the horse’s nose. Doesn’t seem like it’s possible anymore..

  2. Susan says:

    Ego, ego, ego – poor horses suffer for the sake of human ego – sad thing is it is the judges that have created the reason behind Rolkur – they do not recognize its damaging effects because they do not know enough equine biomechanics to address it. Now it is a power struggle but the popularity and beginnings of Rolkur and long and low can only be blamed on poor judging and ignorance.

  3. Linda Bergmaier says:

    No because the FEI states that a is allowed to keep a horse in the same position for 10 minutes…

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