Human Rights

It’s been an interesting morning. I’ve been busy sowing up Marble’s leather boot, since she managed to tear it to shreds… My vet flex and duck tape held up, so this far her hoof abscess is healing as planned…

I just HATE sowing, especially in leather, especially something covered in Velcro. I mean, if it doesn’t stick to your clothes, it will stick to itself, and be completely impossible to work with. Not to mention the amount of force it takes to cram a needle through leather… even a special made-for-leather needle…

 I almost had a psychotic meltdown about a thousand times before I got that boot sewed up. My boyfriend cleverly disappeared. Even the cat decided to leave…

It is going to be one of those days, I can feel it. The one thing that got me through was listening to John Barrowman’s What about Us and I Owe it All to You, on repeat… (that might be why the cat left…)

Let’s face it, he is so sweet, so soothing… that is such a beautiful song. If I wasn’t about to kill the next person that got in my way, it would make me cry.

No, I’ll be good. Poseidon taught me better than this. Deep breath. Not one of those days. I won’t be such a girl. And I got the bloody boot stitched up now didn’t I?

(For those of you who don’t know me, Marble is my two year old thoroughbred mare, Poseidon was my old gelding, and my soul mate in every possible way. I just read the post through and it kind of had me laughing how much I have just started writing about my horses as if everybody knows them as well as I do. Apologies. I must be a very weird blog to follow sometimes…)

Another thing, check out this link, and please sign the petition. I guess that with all my fighting for animal rights, we can’t afford to forget our basic human rights.

And just because it always makes me smile, I am going to throw this video up as well, brilliant song, what more is there to say… I should watch Torchwood again… at least the first two seasons…

Not watching the third again, I mean, killing off Ianto, how dare they… that will take me a while to get over…

Wow, no okay, I’ll just leave now. Have a happy day everybody! And please sign the petition, and help us force Russia to become a part of the twenty first century. Otherwise, we really can’t have the Olympic Games held in Russia. It is just that simple.


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