Awe Inspiring

imageI am sorry. I can’t help it. This is just so beautiful…

image Anna JBK

(Sarcasm could apply in this post, be warned…)

I mean, this picture is about the perfect example of what dressage is these days. Anna here, won the world cup with about 80%, she is our present national champion and I mean, look at that. Don’t we all know why, just from looking at that picture?

Look at how perfectly balanced her horse is, how easily it carries itself, how it raises the back and places most of its weight on its hind legs, how unforced the head position is, a little in front of the vertical line, how gently the rider is using her spurs, and first and foremost, note the almost none existent contact she has to the reins, hardly pulling on the double bit at all. I mean, Anna sure is, like the Danish Equestrian Federation states, an example to follow!

Look at the well shaped neckline of the horse, if anyone were in doubt! This is a perfectly trained dressage horse, anyone who dares say differently knows nothing of horses, and should keep their mouth shut, and stop criticizing the professionals, because clearly, I mean CLEARLY, they know what they are doing!

We have got another picture here, sorry I can’t upload it, because it’s a gif, not a jpeg, but follow the link;

Awe inspiring, right?

Not legalized animal abuse at all.

And the album, if anyone wants to see more, I haven’t looked it through, I really don’t need to…

I could be wrong though. It’s a possibility. It always is.


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16 Responses to Awe Inspiring

  1. Wow, the double bit is almost horizontal.. Beautiful contact with the horse.. Light and uneased.. Jesus Christ.. Amazing how one picture can show everythng that is wrong with dressage today.. Loving the sarcasm 🙂 Great writing and perhabs the best way to desribe the picture for people who don’t get how wrong it is.. Then they can read the text and perhaps agree and then look at the picture and see how extremely wrong it is..

  2. jksherbs says:

    How do you get that hollow back, when I ride mine absorbs the horse’s movement too much? Shame you can’t see the horse’s hollow back under the saddle cloth. My horse always seems so rounded. Took me a year to get him in self–carriage, how long before I make it hollow? The assymetric leg look is in too, but I can only seem to get the trot diagonals to look parallel. Seems I’ve got a lot of work to do before I can with prizes.

  3. Stinah says:

    It is – without any sarcasm! – just disgusting. Perhaps they should change the title to world champion in torturing – would be more suitable.

  4. Denise Tross says:

    So much tongue in cheek – any more you’d have a huge piercing! !!!♥

  5. Denise Tross says:

    Excellent satyr. Well done.

  6. Lu says:

    very well written article (the sarcasm that is)….when did the poll stop being the highest point in modern dressage

  7. jksherbs says:

    Horses get strong in victory laps — they certainly do and Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester know how to deal with that. You remember Charlotte — won a couple of golds at the Olympics, horse called Valegro — anyway when it’s the victory lap, she gallops round then stops, drops the reins, looks a bit over–joyed, but when the reins drop Valegro chills. Do try this at home!

  8. Starstone says:

    I would like to say this once, to all of you concerned about the copyright and just about ready to call me any ugly name you could think of. Listen up.
    I am deleting your comments, my life is too short to argue with people who finds their laws on Wikipedia, and take them to be the truth. I do not have the time to spend on people who clearly can’t and won’t read what I am writing. As such, this is my blog, and where I do not mind a good argument, it has to be within reason, not just calling each other names. I hold myself above that and I have no interest in allowing that kind of behaviour on my blog.
    So have a nice day, and rest asured, that I as a writer, knows what copyright means and that I have got my ass covered, so to speak…
    As far as negative comments on the picture goes, (I am sure I called it awe inspiring, nothing negative at all,) I must say, there is really no excuse for riding this way, victory lap or not, and any of you defending these pictures are part of the problem we have in the world of horses. I hope you will one day understand how wrong you are.
    I am sure your horses will be happy when that day comes.

  9. Great writing! For those who defend this kind of (crap) riding as victory lap or what ever, please take a look at Dr. Reiner Klimke’s victory lap from the Olympics 1984. Now this is good riding!
    In front of thousands of screaming supporters!

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