You see the world differently through a storm. Somehow, everything is a little off, some things are much clearer than usual.

Yes, we had a storm hit Denmark today. For me, that usually means frustrated horses, hanging from the ceiling, about ready to jump and kill me at any second… at least that is how it used to be for the fifteen years I had Poseidon, Apollon and Amalia.

I was pleasantly surprised by the kids I have now though. They were cool. I was able to groom them without problems, feed them without anyone blowing up and sending their buckets flying across the pasture, and I was even able to change the bandage on Marble’s hoof without a fight.

I don’t think I have ever known such sensible and easy going horses. Only Ablaze was a little touchy, but no more than he could be reasoned with and he is very young, so he is kind of excused.

Going home on my bike was interesting though. The wind picked up and became a full blown storm, trees were swaying in the wind, so much the entire world seemed to be alive all around me. Leaves and branches whirled all over the place, circling around my bike… I know I should be rather frightened to be outside in weather like that, but I wasn’t. It felt magical somehow.

To have leaves blow around you like that, made me feel like I was in the center of a storm. Which I was. Still, the raw force of nature unleashed all around me, was fantastic.

Driving down the road, everything looked different. The houses, mostly, looked all out of place. Those houses I drive by every day, somehow seemed unreal in the middle of this wildly swaying world. Everything else was moving, trees, lampposts, street signs… everything, except the houses. They just stood there, like stubborn pieces of bricks and tiles, refusing to be swept away by this force of nature that swept across the land.

It’s an odd feeling, making your way through something like that. Lonely. Hardly anyone was outside, the roads were empty, I only met the bus and a few lonely cars. It felt like the world had somehow come to a halt and only the wind existed.

I am a strange person, I know.

Looking at today, with slightly less impressed eyes, I was nearly knocked over by a street sign, quite a few branches, and a tree that decided to give up right in front of me. Some ninja leaf even managed to hit me in the face with such force it knocked the earphone out of my ear… I always get hit by leaves… Not sure why….

The very interesting part was when my bike decided to lose the chain, disabling my breaks. Now, riding a bike through a storm is challenging enough, I was blown off the road more than once, but without breaks, you are really screwed.

On the plus side, all the election posters that have been hanging in the lampposts for the last few days have died. Melted in the rain or simply blown away. The wicked side of me is snickering about that. I hate election posters. Especially this year, when I actually happen to know one of the guys hanging in the lampposts, and every time I see his face I feel a chill down my spine…

But that is another story. The storm has quieted down now. I am going to bed soon, hoping that my fence kept up, that my horse’s houses kept their roofs on, and that my gang is in good shape. I hate living so far away from them, but going to check on them now would be pointless, since it is dark and I have no way of knowing if the roads are blocked by fallen trees… I’ll have to get up early tomorrow and see if I need to do some damage control or if we escaped the storm unharmed.

At the same time, my friend is telling me horrific stories about one of the sides coming off her stable building, and of trees falling over, tearing up the pavement. I will not panic. My kids are fine. I’ve been watching the news all evening, no reports of five horses on the loose. That’s a good sign right?


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4 Responses to Storm

  1. I’m sorry that I made worry even more, with my story.. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you, but well I wasn’t really thinking clearly..

    I experienced the storm differently, ever since the december storm in 1999 I have been a wreck every time the wind picks up.. So, I sat at work shaking and unable to get home.. I hate storms, they bring so much destruction and something bad always happens to my family when there’s a storm. Luckily only material damage this time, that I can deal with 😉

    I will give you that it’s great that most of the election posters are blown away. I hate those, who choose who to vote for by a picture? Hopefully no one 😉

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