Poisoned Update

A quick update here, on my Bayvantic poisoned cats.


Chad seems to be recovering. Now, he could be relapsing, so we are not jumping for joy just yet, but he is much better, eating and drinking on his own, and biting my boyfriend’s toes when he is sleeping. He has got the spark back in his eyes, and he looks like a slightly more tired version of himself by now.

Jussi stopped shaking late last night, after almost two whole days. He is worn out and pretty bitchy, to touch, still a little too sensitive in his skin, but he seems to be on the mend as well.

Life is… tired. She might have a mild fever, and is very touchy with her skin as well. So far no shaking or cramps though. I have tried to water her few times, since last night, fearing that she was going the same way as the boys, but she isn’t that sick. She squirms like a snake and is next to impossible to force feed water. So, at the moment, we are kind of holding our breath, watching her, hoping she will ride it off still.

Right now, she is laying next to my My Little Pony Skywishes, her only true friend, and is giving me the cat- death stare. Clearly I just made her hit list…

So no, we are not out of the woods just yet. Searching through the internet, we discovered that you can’t wash off Bayvantic completely. Even if you scrub it in dish soap it will linger in the cat’s skin for the next 14 days… so, in two weeks time, I’ll let you know if we all survived.

So far, I am only sure of one thing. The fleas survived. So that is just perfect…


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2 Responses to Poisoned Update

  1. sammerson says:

    Sheesh…glad to hear they sound like they are doing better, hopefully the worst of it is over..keep us updated!

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