Still Here

So far, so good. Chad seems to be making a full recovery, remarkably fast. He has started running outside again now, under supervision most of the time, but he is happy and spunky again. Chad has always been a spunky cat, beating up the neighbor cats, or Life, or the dog, and at the same time, he has always been very shy with humans.

It does seem that some of his shyness has gone away though, now that we have sat up with him for 16 hours, while he was sick… he is much less touchy and much less spooky now, than he ever has been, so maybe something good has come of this after all.

He still sleeps a bit more than he used to, before he was poisoned, but even that is lessening.

Jussi has bounced back as well, and has been allowed outside as well, after spending an entire night, moping around the house, driving my mom crazy (payback’s a bitch,) with his “let me ouuuuuuuut” meow. Jussi always were a stubborn cat, much like me… and you are never in doubt when he wants something…

(When I brought him home, he used to beat up my little sister, just for fun… she wasn’t a baby, just a teenager that totally couldn’t handle my killer cat. Around me though, he is the sweetest thing, he can sit on my shoulder like a parrot while I move around the house… Once my mom got to know him, and he- almost- stopped his psychological warfare against my sister, my mom said to me one day, that if there was such a thing as a soul mate, she believed I had come across mine. I’ll give her, Jussi has always been my cat, but to have her recognize me in him, that was a bit funny… the point is, Jussi and I have a few talents, and one of them is being so annoying that we get our way in the end…)

He has got his “I know better” look back in his eyes, seeming very much like himself again.

When you look at Chad, his eyes are always huge, open and owl like, making him look adorable, and a little frightened, or maybe just a tad more innocent than he really is. Jussi on the other hand, never opens his eyes much. He is the perfect “evil minion” cat, for say, some wicked genius, out to take over the world… The perfect pet to stroke in a wicked way, to scare your opponents and you will know, that even the cat, will be giving them the evil eye… Yep, we were meant to be, Jussi and me…

Life never (fingers crossed,) got really sick. She has been a little touchy, a little irritable and very, very, very, I repeat VERY Velcro-like, sticking to my boyfriend for days, even more than she usually does. She seems to be riding it off though without shaking or cramps or near death experiences.

Once again, for those of you who didn’t read the first post, “Poisoned;” never, ever, ever, ever, use Bayvantic for killing fleas. The fleas won’t die, but your cat will. I guess that killing the cat is one way to deal with the problem, but that wasn’t exactly what I had I mind…

Lastly I will mention that the covers on my E-books are now changed, The Hand of Fate;

hand of fate red front

And The Twins;

twins red front

So they match The Crown Prince;

crown prince red

Yep, life goes on, it seems. Luckily.

I would have liked to post some “Look, Ablaze just turned 6 months” pictures yesterday, but my camera has gone missing. One of my boyfriends movie-making-buddies had borrowed it, and as he was on his way to return it, driving his car down a small road, some idiot drove his tractor out in front of him. Long story short, he broke his back and instead of handing the camera back, or going on a scheduled movie-making trip to England, he ended up in a hospital, fighting for his life.

He is supposed to make a full recovery though, and I am not bitching about the lost camera, simply explaining why there won’t be many pictures in the near future.

Here is Jussi, by the way, having claimed the zinc. And yep, it’s an old picture…they all are.


Life, enjoying life…


And Chad, not messing up da house!


I am so glad they are still here, all of them!


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