“My Foal”

Soooo Lulu is still not working… Which means that I can’t upload my paperbacks in the red version at the moment… that would have been an alright distraction though, for me to fiddle with that for a while… No such luck.

Thing is, I just came across “my foal” in a sales add yesterday. He is four years old by now, and still as perfect as when I first met him, a few minutes old, wet and cold.

(Lousy pic, I know, sorry.)


He is one of the miniature horses I worked with a few years back. I always adored that little bugger. Some horses, you just “click” with, and I got to admit, I never thought it would happen to me, to fall in love with such a small and – no offence miniature people- pointless pony.

I want to ride, I want to show my horses. I want to jump. I mean, a miniature, what on earth would I do with him? Usually they are for people who still love horses, but who lost their nerve somewhere along the years and now no longer dare to ride. Miniatures are the perfect excuse, you can’t ride them, but they enable you to still have a horse, instead of just… throwing in the towel and buying a dog.

Okay, maybe I am missing the whole point of miniature horses here, maybe I have been introduced to the “sad” version of the “miniature people”, I don’t know. I just know that I worked with those little bastards for three and a half years, and I never understood the point of miniature breeding.

Except for this one foal, that managed to get under my skin with his perfect personality. Quitting that job, and leaving that stable, the only thing about the whole place I was sorry to leave behind, was him.


I knew they set him up for sale, about three years ago. Somehow I guess I had convinced myself that he was long gone, and happy somewhere else, even though I knew they were asking for about a hundred times more than he is worth…

Thing is… His mother doesn’t have the paperwork in order, after the rules were changed in the Danish Miniature Federation. He is too big, once past 85cm, (and he already was when I left,) he is over over-size and no longer a miniature, red passport or not. They have had to castrate him, because one of his testicles were not, well descending as scheduled, so to speak. This is pretty much a raw, four year old, gelding, too small to ride, and too big to be a miniature. Utterly useless. They should be giving him away, happy dancing to get rid of him.

But no, they insured him at birth, for the same amount of money as I spent on buying Saleem, and they don’t want to sell him below that price, simply because they would gain more by running him down with the tractor and claiming the insurance… Yep, I’ve heard them say that, quite a few times.

So now I am having a very hard time, getting past that sales add. As utterly useless as he is, as much as he would only be costing me money and be a constant worry amongst my horses, (overweight, laminitis, you name it, he just doesn’t really fit in amongst my Arabians and the way I feed them,) as perfectly pointless it would be for me to buy a miniature horse, he was always my foal… and now, four years later, there is still nobody wanting him.

kahlua 1

How can that not break your heart?


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2 Responses to “My Foal”

  1. sammerson says:

    Awww…he’s gorgeous! I really don’t see the point of minis either, but they are fun to look at! I worked with a lady that had minis, and she said exactly what you said “they give me an excuse not to ride” I guess that works for some people, if I had nothing but money, I would probably have one just for the fun of it, but I still don’t get the point.

    • Starstone says:

      haha at least she admitted it, that’s fair enough 😉 each to his own…. 😛 the “mini people” I’ve met, haven’t wanted to say it out loud, and somehow they have been taking offence if you sugested it 😛

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