Scooter Ninja’s

Our camera is still MIA but I’ve got a new phone that takes alright pictures, so here we go. Ablaze, 6 months, sleeping in the hay, because let’s face it. It’s the driest place on the pasture at the moment. Besides, who would want to sleep on straw, when you’ve got hay?

ablaze 6 months

The others even let him have it… Except Apocalipse, he always wakes him up, any chance he gets, but mostly he is totally allowed to nick one of their hay stacks and sleep in it…

He is getting really big, although you can’t see it on these pictures.

ablaze 6 months 2

Another thing that happened recently was that one of my friend’s dad died, and he left her this;

knallert 1

Practically brad new. She has kindly decided that I should drive it, which is going to make my life SO much easier. I can’t wait to ditch the bike… We do have one small problem though, we are not that ninja when it comes to scooters. To be honest, we picked it up yesterday, loading it into the horse trailer- yeah we are awesome at loading things in horse trailers- and we dropped it off at the stable, locked up next to our ATV.

Today we pushed it out and spent half an hour not figuring out how to turn it on… the guy that owns my stable came by to laugh, but he failed to… yeah, so, once we figure out how this thing works, it is going to be awesome!

I am guessing that we are going to have to look for the instruction manual, which could be anywhere in her dad’s house or at the lawyer, or we are going to have to try again tomorrow. My friend called up those who sold it and asked advice and they did have a few ideas…

It’s pretty though, isn’t it?


Of course, my boyfriend is in Belgium at the moment, visiting his dad, so he can’t help us until he comes home. He would have been my best bet, having been driving motorbikes when he was younger- before he met me of course. Motorbikes are dangerous. That will not do… Nah, a horse he can have, but not one of those…

Life- the cat- is going from mortally depressed to ninja- tiger- kill every other hour, loudly complaining that her human isn’t home and I am a lousy substitute. At the moment she is playing the depressed card, lying on the bed with her back turned to me, refusing to acknowledge a world without Aston. I better sneak off and make some dinner before she comes off it again… it is going to be wonderful once he starts traveling for real, with his movie making firm. Poor Life.

So, of course I am sending him sad- cat pictures on his email, just to make sure he feels very guilty about leaving her behind. I am such a nice person…


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6 Responses to Scooter Ninja’s

  1. Jenny says:

    What nice friends you have!
    I’m thinking that most things have manuals on the internet now days, or maybe the manufacture can send one? They should have it on computer and be able to send it for free…

  2. sammerson says:

    I want a scooter!!! I always thought those things seemed like so much fun! And I just have to say, Mr. Handsome is really starting to look like mom!

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