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day of the doctor

I’ve been trying to stay out of the loop, when it comes to the 50ties anniversary of Doctor Who… Mostly, because I used to be a huge fan, and because I despise how the current scriptwriter have managed to write Matt Smith’s Doctor directly into such a “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” story line that no one, least of all the script writer, can make sense of the universe anymore.

The last episode I watched was “The Angels take Manhattan,” (and that is not exactly true… but close enough,) and I did so, completely expecting to be utterly disappointed. I had not expected though, that the story would be so plain, so stupid and so utterly pointless, using the most cowardly way ever to write out a beloved sidekick, and worst of all, time and time again, breaking the rules of the Doctor Who universe.

Ground rule for writing Fantasy and Science Fiction, or anything really. If you create your own world, that world has rules, and you must follow them. Once you start breaking your own rules, like for instance, letting a Weeping Angel move while being watched, the viewer (or the reader) will lose faith in the world. It becomes unbelievable.

Still, my boyfriend, who is taking this destruction of the Doctor Who universe that has been going on for the last three seasons, a lot worse than me, had a hard time once he found out that “Day of the Doctor,” the 50ties anniversary episode was shown in the English cinemas. Not that he really wanted to watch it, or pay for it, because it can only be a disappointment, but still… watching Doctor Who in the cinema. How cool is that?

By accident, I came across the fact that it is actually aired in the Danish cinemas as well. Or, one of them, in the middle of the night, but still. It’s there.

So, now we are going to watch it. Stupid us. Now we just became part of the fans who still wants to pay for the bloody series, no matter how much it has been written not just into the ground by now, but ten feet under…

The question is; how do you brace yourself for it?

I mean, I ADORE David Tennant’s Doctor. If it had been his season finally, the End of Time, I would have been heartbroken to watch that in the cinema. I mean it, I was so moved by that. One of the most beautiful ways to kill off a main character I have ever seen. It just had everything and it stayed true to his character all the way to the very end.

Add to that, they are bringing back Rose for the 50ties anniversary.

So, how do you prepare yourself for having both your favorite Doctor and the love of his life ruined by what will most certainly be wibbly wobbly timey wimey script writing?

Rose was a cruel story. She was locked in a parallel universe, forced to live the remainder of her life as an ordinary person, torn away from the Doctor. Killing her would have been nicer.

Bringing her back and letting her have her own Doctor, felt a bit like a script writer regretting how cruel he had been.

Bringing her back now though, along with David Tennant? After having “killed off” both of them so perfectly, so heartbreakingly, so viciously…

It feels like a shame. It really does. And having them play against Matt Smith, and what he has become…

I shiver at the thought.

So how do you brace yourself? It’s an odd feeling, expecting to be even more disappointed than you expect… But let’s be fair, Moffat has done that, over and over again. Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly make it any worse, he found ways you would have never imagined. Just when you were loudly cheering to get rid of Amy and Rory at LONG last, he brought in The Impossible Girl, and yeah, she is just that. And not in a cool way.

But enough said already.

I will be spending this week, trying to drown out that sparkle of hope in my heart, that this will be a good episode, that it will stay true to the Doctor Who universe and that it won’t destroy Tennant’s Doctor or Rose. Hope is such a cruel feeling. It will only let you down. I did watch the trailer…

And still, I am going. And secretly looking forward to it. I mean, after all, this is Doctor Who, in a Danish cinema. How cool is that?


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