I’m not getting any work done at all. Life- the cat- is so Velcro-like these days, she is driving me crazy. If she is not sitting on me, she is sitting on my boyfriend and if none of us wants to sit with her, she meow’s around until one of us go crazy and pick her up. Or, as a last resort, she turns to blackmail and starts jumping around on the keyboard.

So yeah, my writing is a bit at a standstill these days, since it is very difficult to write anything with one hand, and my left arm is almost constantly claimed by an angry kitten. Sure, I am writing now, accepting that she is busy digging her claws into my thigh. One must suffer for their art, right?


With a little luck, my boyfriend will go to sleep soon, then I can leave the cat on his pillow… yep, that could work…

Winter is coming to Denmark at long last, these days. It is freezing by now, but no snow just yet, which means that my horses are still making due without their blankets for a little while longer. That’s nice. I hate blankets.

It does mean too, that I have left the water hose running at the pasture this night. Last year it froze up on me and I had to carry water from the main house all winter… as annoying as that is, the biggest problem with that is not even that it is heavy and takes a lot of time. No, the real problem with that is that the water freezes in the barrels over night. Unless you keep the hose running…

I hate that. Somehow it feels like such a waste of water, but on the other hand, it is the best I can do to keep the water for my horses from freezing. It doesn’t freeze in the barrels if it is running. Luckily, the guy that owns my stable is totally cool with me, leaving his water running all winter… We will see, if it works out. The year before last, it worked like a charm, but yes, last year I was too slow and the hose froze up on me.

I am becoming friends with the scooter though. Aside from the fact that it is excruciatingly cold to drive it, compared to a bike, because you don’t move at all, it is actually quite funny. I even dare to let it run a bit now, no longer getting over taken by guys on bikes. Yeah, totally scooter ninja over here…

I am still missing my camera, so I can only throw in a few pictures of the kids from my cell phone.

Winter, no it’s not snow, it’s just frost.


Ablaze, beating up Marble. (She is very nice to him.) And my pasture having been muddied up by the machines that were used to fix the roof on the hall after the storm. For some reason, the funniest place to play is always in the mud, never on the grass…

winter 2

You never know how much you rely on a camera in your everyday life, until it’s suddenly missing. It has been so long since I spammed all of you with pictures of the horses… I believe it was the start of this month when we did that last show with Saleem…

Horrible. I am missing a whole month of Ablaze growing up… No pictures from his 5th month…

Okay, I guess it could be worse.

The vet is coming by tomorrow, to give him his second vaccination. Did I mention how much I hate vaccinating my horses, how much I always fear that they will get really sick from it?

Apocalipse and Saleem always respond badly to the vaccinations. Luckily Tardis and Marble don’t. (Goes to show, girls are much tougher than boys.) Ablaze took it in stride the last time, a month ago. Fingers crossed he won’t have a bad reaction to this one either.

Once this vaccination is over, he has got the required basic vaccine, and he will “only” have to get one more, six months from now, (or five, depending on the vaccine type, and you better keep a sharp eye…,) and he will have his law enforced “booster” vaccinations. After that I am only required to vaccinate him once a year…

So many rules, it could drive anyone crazy.

I haven’t got his passport yet, because the DNA test is clearly a very slow business. Turns out, if I wanted to be sure I had his passport in time, I should have had him chipped and tested a month earlier than I did… now he might not get that passport in time, meaning, by the end of the year.

Okay, that was a rule I missed. I knew that any foal should have a chip and be registered before it turned six months. I figured, as long as I sent off the paperwork before the foal turned six months, we were within the legal time frame.

Oh no.

Upon re-reading the rules, it turns out that any foal must have his papers by the time it turns six months or by the end of the year it has been born in. Fair enough. I missed that. But in my defense, never in a million years did I imagine that it could take three months to run a DNA test… I mean, wow…

Okay, note to self. It is so much easier- and loads cheaper- to have horses without a proper pedigree. Apocalipse had his passport within a week after I sent in the papers. No DNA testing of course… but it really isn’t the papers that takes time fabricating…

Okay, better go. The cat fell asleep now. As did my legs.

Here we have Ablaze, in the new house, eating hay next to Saleem. My big foal. From the right angle, he looks taller than Saleem…

winter 1

Yep that’ll be all for now. I’ll come back with a vengeance, once I get my slimy hands on my camera once more… Hopefully before the first snow arrives. Wouldn’t want to miss Blazie’s first snow…


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