The Things You Do…

Guess what we did last night… okay, yesterday, it just feels so much like night, with the short hours of day light… Bloody winter.

No, we re-did the tiles in the floor of the old horse-house. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would never do something like that, just for kicks and fun. Basically, the floor in that house, is the only plain surface I have on which my Ferrier can shoe and trim my horses, at least if he wants’ to be indoors. (I’m thinking, come snow and rain and stuff, for some reason, he will want to be indoors…)

Thing is, that floor was so broken up by now, you wouldn’t believe it. Some of the tiles had been lose, because of water running underneath them. Some of the lose tiles had started leaking water onto the floor when the horses stepped on them…

So, a while back, I pulled up a few of those tiles, got some gravel underneath them, to stop the water from flooding my house, and…. Could not replace them. Have you ever tried replacing two tiles, in a whole floor? And we are not talking small tiles here, no we are talking huge, sidewalk, weigh more than me, kind of tiles…

First off, the hole they once fitted into, once you remove them, they no longer fit. Second, once you try to make them fit, there is a good chance that you will kick and scream and may even come at them with a hammer and at some point, they will shatter…

So, what that got me, was a floor that was no longer leaking water- wuhu- but now I had two shattered tiles, right in the middle of the room, right where the Ferrier always ends up when working with my horses…

Since I am planning on having Saleem and Tardis and Ablaze looked over soon, I figured it was time to do something about this. I have been looking for new tiles all summer, but they are impossible to come by, so basically, we just tore up the old ones, and replaced them, moving the shattered ones far off to the side.

It worked very well, although we did break one more, so now I have four broken tiles instead of three, but I kind of fixed that too, by not using the most damaged one… yeah, I am a bit of a trickster. I may have done the floor up very artistically, placing a row of smaller tiles, changing the pattern, to avoid using the most useless parts of the big tiles…

Anyway, it worked. I think. We will find out how it has withstood the first night with the horses. But here is it, my floor, from last night. (Before we covered it with straw, of course…)


Yeah, it never seizes to amaze you, does it, what I will take pictures off? This is from my phone, in the dark, and no you can’t see nothing, but I know it’s a redone floor and it took us forever to do it, so yes, I am going to show it.

And add, tiles are not my ninja skill. But clearly you never know what you are going to end up doing, when you have horses…

And now, I’ll go try to save up money to pour some cement on that floor, to fix it once and for all… but for now, this will have to do…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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