The Pink Halter

I didn’t want Marble to be pink, to be honest. In my world, there is only one “Pink Lady,” and she died two years ago. Still, I came across the cutest, hot pink halter yesterday, and Marble did need a new halter, having hopelessly out grown the red one I bought for her this spring. It was hot pink, or mint-green and well, it wasn’t too hard a choice.


Hot pink it is. Mint green is just not her color. That might work on Tardis actually… but not Marble…

My boyfriend is going crazy when I say stuff like that. Thing is though, the colors I choose for our horses, is as much a shade of their persona, as it is something that will look pretty on them. Which is why I am still debating with myself on whether Apocalipse is going to be pink or turquoise…

So, my old Pink Lady, was never hot pink. She was Cadillac pink. Soft, lady like, upper class pink… that was the perfect match for her persona.

IMG_3864 Faded and dirty pink, I know… You get the idea though.

Not so faded here…



(I know it’s dark, but note the pink bit… Yeah we didn’t do things half way, Amalia and I…)

Marble can go with both fiery red and hot pink actually. She has got temper, but she isn’t really refined enough to be a lady, at least not yet.



Saleem has always been white. There is something innocent about him, something pure… white is just the best color for him. The reason why I use blue on a daily basis for him is simply laziness, white is such a bother to keep clean… and blue is the next best color for him. Pink isn’t his style. He looks like a pretty girl. Very uncool, if you ask Saleem…


Tardis is really good in blue, but she is really good in green as well. I am going with blue for her most of the time, mostly because that is hands down my favorite color, but she could be mint green or grass green as well. Pink is not her color and she knows it. She even refuses to pose, while wearing it.


Apocalipse… Well, I’ve always had a turquoise feel from him, but lately I am beginning to feel much more “pink” around him. After all, he is the son of the original Pink Lady, and he does have her style, her class, her superior attitude. He can pull off pink, and more to the point, he loves that color. Anything pink, he instantly picks up, like most of Marble’s brushes for instance, and he was drop dead jealous when he first saw her new halter…



Ablaze is still a rainbow. I have no idea what color he will end up being. He could pull off pink. He really could.


Oh yeah, I went there, I took pictures of all of my horses wearing Marble’s pink halter… and again, these are from my phone, and my boyfriends phone… still missing my “real” camera… which would enable me to take some more interesting pictures once more… hopefully it will be home soon…

Lastly I will end with this one though, of Marble. She is really growing up now, and starting to look good. Like a horse. I know, fluffy fur all over the place, and her hindquarters are still much higher than her front, but despite all of that, she is shaping up now.


She really is. And she does like her new pink halter. It’s very soft… I am pretty sure she doesn’t care about the color at all. That’s Apocalipse only. He always did respond strongly to bright colors… the others remain unimpressed and un-amused, but putting up with me…


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