Apocalipse’s (And Saleem’s) Next Of Kin

Now, it gets complicated. Apocalipse Ibn Saleem’s family and such, Saleem OX as well. Hold on tight. I’ve got loads of pictures…

First thing first, Apocalipse, my three year old;



His mother Amalia, born on April 1th, 1994;



His father Saleem OX;



Amalia’s father, Fasligth (Alfarvad Champion);

fasligth 2

Fasligth’s father, Fanal Prydsholm;

fanal prydsholm

Amalia’s mothers father, Premier Violon XX;

premiere violon xx

No, I don’t have any pictures of Amalia’s mother, sadly, and her family is old and it’s hard to come by good pictures. Still, you get the idea.

Anyway, here is how old, Amalia, and thus Apocalipse’s progenitor, Eclipse, born on April 1th, 1764;

Eclipse(horse) 2

Yeah, lots of April’s fools in this family it would seem… Both Amalia and her ancestor.

And now, Saleem’s mother, Sawana Nile Pasha (photo by Cautzar Arabians);


Sawana Nile Pasha’s father, Anasta Nile Pasha;

anasta nilepasha1_x

Sawana Nile Pasha’s mothers father, Ibn El Moraki;


Saleem’s father, Ibn Masran (photo by Cautzar Arabians);

ibn masran

Ibn Masran’s father, Masran El shaklan;


Masran El Shaklan’s father, El Shaklan;

el shaklan

That’s right, all white… One does wonder how Saleem and his sister turned out red…

Saleems sister, on both sides, Saleemah, (photo by Cautzar Arabians);

Saleemah jpeg

I am sure I could dig up more on his family tree, if I tried a little harder, but this is his next of kin.

So, what I am saying is, I guess, is that it takes a lot of amazing horses, to make one as perfect as Apocalipse.



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