Marble’s Next Of Kin

As we all know by now, pedigree doesn’t mean much to me, but I do think it’s really funny to look up the parents of my horses any way. Families have always been intriguing to me. So here goes, Marble Dane, my two year old;



Her mother, Fabienne;


fab 2

Her mother’s father, Dexterity;


Her father Idaho Quest;

idaho quest

Yeah, we all know who Marble takes after, don’t we? I got to admit, looking at Idaho, I am a bit stunned at how damaged he looks. I mean, I know, it’s an old horse and everything, and he is one of the very few who has actually survived the race track and lived to tell the tale, but still. Look at his back. Look at how underdeveloped his shoulder and front is.

He sure looks like a horse that was broken in way too young and who never finished growing up…

Still, it’s funny to put a face on her family. I met her half brother when I bought her, Ducanoc, by Idaho Quest as well.


ducanoc 2

Yeah, family is always interesting. Especially when you can look them up online.


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