Another Storm

We had another storm hit Denmark yesterday, and to be honest, it’s not all gone yet, but it wasn’t as bad as last time so I am not complaining. Ablaze got to try on his new winter clothes, which I believe he better wear if he is ever going to wear them, since he is outgrowing them very fast…

storm 1

All in all, surveying the damage this morning, I must say, it was a lousy storm. Both of my horse- houses still have their roof- not complaining, don’t get me wrong- my fence is still standing, and even the lousily repaired roof on the machine hall that blew off last time, is “still standing.”

My horses were happy and cozy in their winter clothes this morning, and since I now have a scooter, making it so much easier to get back and forth, even in a storm, I just fed them hay, filled up water, hugged and kissed and went home again. I’ll go back later and groom them, once the storm hopefully goes away, because even if it is a lousy storm, compared to the last one, it is still annoying with all the wind.

storm 3

Still, I did worry quite a bit last night, and I did hear, mostly on social media, how other places in the country, people weren’t so lucky, So, how to keep me from going insane then?

Oh well, this sketch was a good place to start… enjoy;

I just love how John is ready, willing and able to be ironic about his own image, in every possible way. Brilliant humor… “I’m only here to promote my show…” Oh well…

Anyway, time to throw the cat at my boyfriend and find myself some breakfast. And if the cat should manage to wake him, well then, so be it…

Oh yeah, the cats weren’t outside last night at all, driving Jussi insane this morning, so he ran off as soon as I got out of bed. Chad is still cuddled up in the bed, next to my boyfriend- they look like they are never going to wake up those two- and Life is getting a bit impatient now. This sleeping thing, it’s nice and all, but it does get a little boring when you overdo it…


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