I’ve got so many stories to tell. Sometimes I go for weeks, even months, without writing on my books at all, but it’s never because I don’t hear the voices of my characters. It is simply because, sometimes, they all speak to me at once, and I need time to structure the stories. I need time to figure out how I stay in charge of the stories, basically. I have some very strong characters and they do tend to kick me off “the set” so to speak, if I let them.

I realize that I do sound utterly insane when I say something like that, but that is always how I have been. (I do have it on paper, actually, that I am perfectly sane… Yeah, I was tested… Boy, I sure fooled that psychiatrist, ha?)

I am writing on my science fiction book these days, since I wrapped up the Shadow of Time, the last of the Starstone Series, quite a while back. I was pretty heartbroken to leave the Starstone behind, to leave the world and the persons I had shared my life with for so many years, a lot of whom I have come to love much more than any actual (living) persons in my life.

That may sound self absorbed, I mean, I love those figments of my imagination more than real people? How dare I… I know. But let’s be honest. Some time ago, when I was very young, they stopped being figments of my imagination. I became the hand that wrote down the story of their life, and I was humbled to be taken along for the ride.

So, The Legacy, my sci-fi book. Since I have been “living” in a fantasy world all of my life, through the Starstone, I thought sci-fi would be a challenge, but it’s really not. I am not a technical person, I really have no idea how a space ship flies or how the internet works, but I do know… its amazingly funny to write in a world with cell phones, internet connections, and social media, a world where everybody knows everything about everybody and you are never just lost in the middle of nowhere, because you always have your cell phone.

As a writer, that is challenging. Some of the usual tricks for creating heroes, is stranding them somewhere, all alone, forcing them to fight their way out, or to rescue someone, or to hide and not get caught… It is a challenge, to create a hero, if he can just call for help when his space ship get stranded, but let’s be honest. Cell phones are amazing tools. The story becomes dynamic in a very different way than fantasy stories does, because you have so many other options.

As a child of my time, I am wondering how no one imagined social media, when I watch old sci-fi. I mean, it’s hilarious. Anyone who is in Face Book, or Youtube, or Hestenettet (horseweb), or Twitter knows what I am talking about. Everybody knows everything about everybody at any given moment, or at least they are busy reading rumors or status updates, even at times where you would think there might be something more important to do.

Yep, I love writing science fiction, mostly because it’s not so much fiction as it is how we are already living our lives, never far from our cell phones and hardly ever off line.

I am working on a science- fantasy world/story, as well, with my boyfriend, helping him write a script. To be honest, it mostly means that I write, and he re-writes. That is a bit different as well, since it is science fantasy, not science fiction, so it must have this “fantasy feel” along with the science fiction gadgets… meaning, no cell phones or social media, but you can bring in an electrical sword or a hologram or any random space ship, if you feel like it.

In many ways, the options in a science fantasy world are as limited as they are in a fantasy world, and yet, you can explain some things with technology instead of magic, if you so choose. You can even pitch magic against science if you feel like it, in the age old battle…

Writing with a co-writer is a bit of a challenge, mostly because I am not sure exactly where he wants to go. I understand the way he thinks, how he mostly imagines pictures, (he is a director, much more than a writer,) mood pieces, landscapes… he has got a lot of ideas, but left on his own, he wouldn’t get the story told, because he needs every word to be perfect the first time around, (who ever thought you could go back and edit your work, was dead wrong,) and he is having trouble connecting the scenes he is envisioning and turning them into an actual story.

So, thus far, I am writing a few pages at the time, and if he likes it, he edits it, and turns it into the perfect kind of pompous language he likes to use, and if I got something wrong about how he wanted the story to turn out or who the characters are, he chucks it back in my face. The thing about me, is that words usually come easy to me. Once I sit down and starts to write, I never stumble over the words. That said, I do require a lot of editing before my books are ready to be read by someone other than me, so I guess we do make quite a good team, my boyfriend and me. He gets to edit ruthlessly, and I provide him with all the words he needs to fill in his story.

Yeah, I really think it could turn out great, and once again, it is a challenge to work with someone, but it is doable. Mostly, because it is his story, not mine. I made that very clear to myself before I started writing it. He gets to edit anything he wants, this is his project.

If he, or anyone else, had tried editing my books this way, I would have rather kicked them out of my life for good… the Starstone is my project. The Legacy is my project. My natural horsemanship book, My heart, my soul, my star, my endless night, is my project.

But this story, that’s his. My job is to put words on his vision. Did I mention, script writing isn’t really my thing? I don’t think in pictures, mood pieces or landscapes at all. I think emotion, storyline, character background, society… so yeah, we are very different, he and I, but so far, I must say we complement each other better than I had feared we would.

Last I must mention that my friend Noel Heart and I are still working on our fantasy spoof, the Kiss, the dragon and the werewolf. It is going a bit slow, these days, she has been sick and I have been very hung up with a lot of other things, but we are not letting it die.

Working with Noel is not the same as working on this project with my boyfriend. The Kiss, is OUR story, we have an equal say in it and luckily we usually agrees on what the other decides to do with the story and the characters. But then again, Noel and I think very much alike, which makes it much easier for me to “feel” my way around where she wants to go, than it is with my boyfriend. At the same time, we do keep surprising each other. She has caught me completely off guard quite a few times with The Kiss, by introducing characters I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams.

So yes, I am still writing. I could never, not be writing. Even when I am not actually writing, my head never lets it go. Every story I ever told, every story I haven’t told yet… they are always with me, screaming at the back of my head, so if I seem distant once in a while, that’s why. I am so glad I have my horses, forcing me out of the house every day, out in the real world, and to some extent, making me interact with people… I could so easily get lost in my very own world. Either one of them.


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