Lazy Or Clever?

Here I was, thinking that Ablaze was slowly out growing his ”drinking milk need” because well, let’s face it, he is a big foal and his mother is a pony and he always found it difficult to reach the udder. That has only got worse as he has grown up, of course, and to be honest I hardly ever see him drink anymore.

But, never say never. Ablaze was sleeping today, with the boys and Marble, oh yes, all four of them in the new house. Perfect. I am so glad to see that they are using it. Since Tardis won’t be in the same house as Saleem most of the time, she now had the old house to herself… fair enough. Not exactly how I planned it when we build another house, but if that’s how they want it, I am not going to argue.


So, once the others got tired of sleeping, they left him, one by one. In the end he woke up (half way) and started looking around, finding himself all alone. Tardis then decided to claim the house and look after her foal. As she walked by, the little brat stopped her, in the perfect position.

“Wait a second mom, yep, there, right there… don’t move!”


Because if it is too difficult to reach the udder when you are standing up, because you are far too big, then I must say… this is a great way to solve that issue, isn’t it? Clever little bastard…


Tardis is looking pretty skinny in these pictures. That is mostly because she is a bit on the thin side and here she is tightening all of her muscles and pulling up the abdomen. So, she is looking worse than she is. Truth be told, I am finding it rather difficult to feed her so she remains in perfect condition.

Since my horses have access to grass, I have to constantly watch her, because grass is dangerous in the winter, because of the cold nights and the sunlight at day time (high levels of sugar). Long story short, Tardis is not a laminitis horse, but she does display some of the danger signs whenever it rains and my grass explodes, so I have had a long period now, where I haven’t dared feed her much, besides loads of hay, simply because I have feared for her legs. That has meant that she has lost weight. Luckily her enhanced pulse (in the front legs) has gone away as well, so I am all over it, gently turning up the volume of her feed again.

My Ferrier was by today, looking over Saleem of course, since he needs new shoes ever so often, but he trimmed Tardis and Ablaze as well- they were perfect little angels, no trying to kill him or anything of the sort- and he didn’t find anything off with her hooves. Well yes, but not laminitis -wrong. Tardis is a bit high at the back of her front hooves. Working on that.

So, with horses, it’s always a work in progress and sometimes you happen to catch a picture of your mare where you can see the ribs and you have to tell yourself that it’s okay for now. Better to be a little skinny than to be sick. And I’ll get her back in shape now. It has just been difficult for me to figure out exactly how much and how little to feed her, so I won’t be killing her one way or another.

Still, pictures like these ones are priceless.

lazy foal

If he keeps this up, he is buying himself a one way ticket to my friends farm, where he can spend the rest of the winter getting used to not drinking milk… He is growing too big for this. He really is.


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