Rain And Shoes

Boy I really miss my camera… at the moment it feels like all I can take pictures off is the foal while sleeping or eating…

Anyway, here is Ablaze resting his legs yesterday, guarded by him mom. Foals sleep a lot, and I am very glad to see this one finally lie down, actually. Comparing him to Apocalipse when he was this age, Ablaze hardly sleeps at all…


Tardis doesn’t get to guard him long though, Saleem is the most perfect babysitter and he gladly takes over.


Even Apocalipse has stopped bullying the foal into waking up all the time. In fact, my three boys are beginning to look like one happy family…

3 b

Even today, when it was raining, they all snuck into the old house, and ate from the same pile of hay…


I know, not the world’s most inspirational post, but you know what… sometimes it is nice to just sit back and smile and enjoy that for once, your horses are happy and healthy…

I am not good at that. My Ferrier is going on vacation soon. I am already having nightmares. (Seriously.) Completely irrational, I know, I just can’t help it. 14 years with Amalia has left its mark on me.

(She would become instantly lame if she lost a shoe and due to her lack of hoof, really, it took one as skilled as my Ferrier to fix her, meaning that when he was on vacation, I was stuck with a lame horse (if she lost a shoe) and couldn’t do anything, besides convince my vet to give her painkillers until my Ferrier returned… Calling another Ferrier simply wasn’t an option.)

I know, Amalia is dead by now. My Ferrier can totally take a vacation without leaving me hanging. I mean, of course Saleem does get sore footed if he loses a shoe, because of the position of his legs. He does need the support… but it won’t kill him to go without a shoe for a while… and the kids are not wearing shoes at all just yet…

Still, I dreamt last night that Marble lost a shoe, completely tore up her hoof and my Ferrier was on vacation. I woke up in tears, as always.

So, goes to show, even when I don’t have problems, I make sure to invent them, for myself. Marble is two years old, she is not wearing shoes at all, but clearly in my mind, I needed a dark thoroughbred mare with lousy hooves (she does fit that description,) so I could have my usual nightmares… fantastic.

I keep telling myself that I will get used to my Ferrier going on vacation at some point. I am so looking forward to the day when he does and I won’t have nightmares about lame horses and torn hooves… Sometimes I would wish that he wouldn’t tell me when he left. I’d sleep much better at night, not knowing that he wasn’t there…


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