Men And Focus

Sooo remember how my camera got lost a while back, because one of the guys my boyfriend work with borrowed it, got in a car accident, broke his back and well… didn’t exactly return it for perfectly understandable reasons as he was fighting for his life?

Well, he is recovering. He even met up with my boyfriend yesterday, to pick up working on one of their movies again. And lo and behold, he actually remembered to bring my camera.

Only, he didn’t bring the bag it was in.

Which is kind of pissing me off, for a few reasons. First off, it’s a pretty expensive camera, it needs to travel in a bag, some sort of protection, you don’t just leave it lying around…! When you borrow something and it comes with a padding to place it in, when not used, you don’t forget to do that…

My boyfriend then said that he forgot because he had kept the camera in his own bag, rendering my complains useless. Well, only a little. Because what was in the pockets of my camera bag, was, lo and behold, the USB stick, allowing the camera to talk to the computer, and hold on tight… the recharger…

Now, the USB I can get around. I do have a card reader and that one was not in the bag… but the recharger… the camera is pretty fucking useless with a flat battery won’t you think?

I know, it’s just a camera, who cares? I will get the bag and the recharger at some point and the battery isn’t flat at the moment, and I do have another bag for it, so I can use it for now…

It is just… annoying. Especially when Ablaze is so young. It’s been about two months by now, where I don’t have any pictures of him… except for those small ones from my phone, thank god I do have those… so much happens with a foal in two months…

And I know, I should just be happy that the guy survived, and will make a full recovery, and I am, but that won’t stop me from… growing tired of men once in a while. It is so typical.

My boyfriend didn’t think of it once when he got the camera yesterday without the bag. It wasn’t damaged, now was it?

Well no, did you ask him for the recharger?

Ah…no… was that in the bag?

Men. Both of them. Think, would you?

Anyway… I am sure every women on the planet is secretly snickering here, because yes, that is how it always is, working with a man in any way… you have got to keep an eye on them at all times, or they forget anything they don’t need at the moment.

Now I do have one man who is always at the ready to help me out. Here is Ablaze, helping me groom Marble.

ablaze and marble jpg

My tiny stars. Let’s be honest though, he didn’t think that one through either. She bit him in the nose, for helping me out… he was bleeding and everything!

(I’m not teaching him to hold her, in fact, he is just playing with the rope and she finds it very annoying… I let him, because I believe that his curiosity is very important to hang on to, and I do let her tell him off as well, because she is older than he is, and he does cross the line, her boundaries, quite often.)

Poor boy, I know exactly how he feels. It doesn’t dampen his spirits though. Never. He just walked off, and spent a few moments complaining to Saleem about it, then he came back and picked up the rope again. My tiny hero.

Imagine a world where all men had that kind of focus…

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