I believe a little last minute Christmas promoting is in order. My paperbacks are at 10% discount still, and I’ve finally managed to join them all together for a brief photo shoot. First a link to my page on Lulu;

The Dansih version of the Starstone Series; Stjernestenen. Skæbnens Hånd, Tvillingerne, og Kronprinsen.



The English version of the Starstone Series, White covers, The Hand of Fate, The Twins and The Crown Prince.



(Wow my Hand of Fate is worn out already…)

The English version of the Starstone Series, Red covers, The Hand of Fate, The Twins and The Crown Prince. The books are identical to the white covers, except for the covers.




All of my paperbacks together, including my poetry collection This Song.



All books, except the Danish version of Kronprinsen, exists in a hardcover version as well. All English books can be purchased as a kindle on Amazon.

I totally love the red covers. I was a bit skeptic about the cover for The Hand of Fate, but it turned out pretty great in red as well. So why the two covers? Because the white ones really fits the series… and the red ones looks a bit more like standard fantasy covers… and so, I couldn’t make up my mind…

Now, I know its Christmas and as much as I would love for my books to start selling, it is not exactly the point to this post. The point is, this is my babies, and to hold them in my hands is just fantastic. Every time. I could think of no better Christmas present for me, really, than to see my books published and in the shape of a real book, not just a document on my computer, or 50 old worn down, over written note books.

They are real books. They really are.



I can’t wait to have the last two of the Starstone Series out, and my Horsemanship book. Next year, hopefully. I’ll be completely annoying then. Imagine… all of them… eeeeeeeep!

Okay, just in case I don’t get much writing done the next few days, I’ll say it now. Happy Christmas everyone!

About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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