Christmas Spirit

Rain… Never ending rain… I mean come on… it’s Christmas. It’s the end of December. Rain…

No sign of frost or snow, or even better…. Spring…

Just mud, and rain, and wet horses, and more rain. Sometimes I really wish I lived in another country… preferably one that skipped spring and fall and rainy winters… and rainy summers…

My grass is seriously dying by now, everything is drowning. Excuse me if it’s a little hard to get into any kind of warm and fussy Christmas spirit…

Oh well… Marble fits into Apollon’s old rain clothes by now. (Okay it’s a bit deep for her, but it is actually a pretty good fit.) It’s a very light blanket as well, which is why I bought it for Apollon, because he hated clothes of any kind, but especially heavy ones. Marble is turning out to be pretty much like him.


The boys don’t wear clothes just yet. It’s actually pretty warm. 7- 8 degrees Celsius during the day, and between 2 and 5 at night. Of course with the wind and the rain it gets bothersome, but it isn’t really cold.

Tardis and Marble is wearing rain clothes, with no padding in, just to keep them dry, because even with two houses on my pasture, they are not always able to work out how to be indoors all of them, at the same time… I love horses, I love horses, I love horses…

What is happening is, if Saleem and Apocalipse is in one house, both of them, Tardis claims the other for herself. Ablaze is always allowed in, anywhere, so he doesn’t count, but once Tardis claims a house, that leaves Marble outside, because she can’t share house with Tardis. If the boys are in the new house together, Marble can get in there, because there is room enough for that, but Tardis won’t enter the old house unless she absolutely have to, so that leaves her outside.

And if Saleem and Apocalipse is inside a house each, then Marble can get in anywhere, but that leaves Tardis outside again, even though I am sure none of the boys would kick her out if she wanted to share house with them. She just won’t.

So, what I am getting at, is that she does have all options, really, and she is mostly choosing not to use them. The reason why she is wearing clothes at all, is to allow me to sleep at night, without fearing that she will get sick from the rain, in her stubbornness… One could argue that if I didn’t get clothes on her, she might learn to fit in but… I don’t have the heart for that. And Marble, well I just need to know that my little girl isn’t throwing herself head first inside a house where she is not allowed, because she is getting cold. She does have a tendency to just close her eyes and jump inside one of the houses, thinking that the best way to be allowed in, is by acting like an out of control missile. With the boys it works, with Tardis, she gets creamed…

So really, couldn’t we just get some snow? Some frost? Less mud and rain?

I’m not complaining, by the way. At least not much. One should be careful about complaining. The last two years I have lost a horse rather suddenly, in December, one with a failing heart and one that just… failed… This year we look like we are all going to survive, (knock on wood,) so really I shouldn’t ask for more… Still… a little less rain would be awesome by now, thanks!

On a trying- to- get- into- the- Christmas- spirit- note, I got a beautiful present from fellow writer Noel Heart the other day. Of course I didn’t wait until Christmas to open it, (she did say I didn’t have too…) and so here it is, two very unique HIM candles, especially made for me.


I am so touched by that. Noel has been sick for a long time now and has had all kinds of personal issues, and still, as she is fighting her way through it all, she did find time to think of a perfect gift for me.

I am guessing that is the true spirit of Christmas, really. Reaching out to others, no matter how life is treating you. I am as always, amazed by how she does it.

To be honest, I had been planning a little something for her, to lighten her mood a bit, but she beat me too it… I am ever always lousy at sending things in time, and weekends and such always get in my way… So I am hoping she will forgive me if it doesn’t get to her in time for Christmas…

It’s just such a long way to the post office when you don’t have a car… and it’s raining every time I peak outside. Did I mention that? The rain?


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4 Responses to Christmas Spirit

  1. I got it today… I love it, yeah i coundn´t wait til tomorrow to open it, I can´t wait to read it, and since it looks like I will be spending Christmas under a blanket on my parents couch, The twins is the perfect present… But now you have to sign all your books for me 😉
    I can´t find my Christmas spirit as well, but I think it is because of the fever and pain, and I sleep all the time….

    • Starstone says:

      haha so far, I have signed my books for you 😛 hehe I think you are one of the very few who have them signed 😉 glad you like it, I hope you’ll still like it once you’ve read it 😉
      happy Christmas love, may you feel better soon 🙂

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