Christmas Games And Superstition

One of the most vissited websites in Denmark, is ”Horseweb.”

I’m not kidding. You read that right, Horseweb… take that face book… anyway, during December, Hestenettet has a Christmas game running, where they hide the Christmas horse on one of their pages and leaves a clue as to where to find it in the news, by midnight every night.


Of course, like the obsessive person I am, I have been sitting up every single night, for the last 24 days, looking for the Christmas horse on Hestenettet, by midnight. One could argue that the little horse stays in place for 24 hours, so I wouldn’t have to stay up until midnight to look for it, I could just wait until the following morning, but honestly, staying up is half the fun… especially since I hardly ever go to bed before 2 or 3 am anyway… one might as well stop whatever one is doing, come midnight, and go look for the Christmas horse…

I am a little amazed by this game, especially by how well people help each other out. If you don’t understand the clue of the day, there is always a place you can ask for another clue, and everybody is eager to help each other out… for the first and only time in the equestrian world, is people working together, helping each other, and making sure not to leave anyone behind… for 24 days every year, the world of horses unite online, to find that bloody horse…

That is a pretty amazing study in human behavior…

It is a competition, you know… every day, somebody wins a present, for finding the horse. Nobody really cares though. It was never about that.

It is a bit funny though, to see how many people sign in at midnight. Hestenettet is a heavy page, even for my super fast internet connection, but quite a few of the nights this months, it has been unable, or hardly able to load certain pages of Hestenettet, due to the fact that everybody was reading the same clue and rushing to the same page…

Anyway, that did sound a little like Christmas spirit didn’t it?

Okay I can do a little better then. My Ferrier told me of an old tradition yesterday. The Ferrier may not work through the Christmas days. If the pine is removed from the anvil, it means bad luck for next year. So he is not touching it for the next three days…


I never knew he was the superstitious kind. In the world of horses, we are rolling in superstition. For instance, the horses are not allowed outside tomorrow, on December 25th. I mean not at all. No setting hoof outside the stall… Because if just one horse, takes one step out the door, on December 25th, then it won’t just be bad luck, no, a horse will die during the next year…

I must admit, I have never abided by that rule, refusing to wall my horses up for 24 hours, and it has been the cause of quite a few debates and downright wars over the years, between me and the other horse owners at the stables…

Now though, it’s just me and my horses and we don’t have a stable to lock them up in, so you know what? I’ll tell them to stay inside tomorrow and they just might listen because it rains and the TV is promising a storm coming on once more…

I believe this is as much holyday spirit as it is going to get, so…

Merry Christmas everyone!


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