A Misty Day

It wasn’t raining yesterday! And my camera isn’t out of battery yet, so I brought it along and my gang was very much up for showing off for once. I bet they have been bored out of their minds with all the rain and they really needed to play for once.

It was misty though. Very misty. Which gives the pictures a special kind of light. Still, I can hardly believe that this is the end of December. No frost, no snow… just rain… and mist.

So here we are then, enjoy;


That’s right, Tardis is playing along for the first time ever! I was jumping for joy to see her like that, acting like a regular four year old, instead of this grown-up-too-soon she has been for the entire year I have known her. She is playing now!


Mother and son;


Marble is disappearing a little bit in the mist, it is always hard to take pictures of dark horses, but she is fantastic at playing with Ablaze!



Saleem and Apocalipse still got their little war going on, never touching each other, always trying to be the biggest badass on this pasture…


Father and son…


And Marble looking like an angel for once;


Now, I don’t spook my horses to make them run. I never encourage any of this. My boyfriend had his cell phone with him and he shot this video… the sound you are hearing through it is mostly me, and the camera, snapping pictures. This is my gang, on a rare, dry day. Five young horses, playing with each other, and enjoying life, even if my pasture is far too wet by now, compared to what I would have liked…

I hope you made it through. It is a bit slow at first, the video, but I like it that you can see how the horses interact with each other. Unfortunately Marble had stopped playing once Aston got his phone out of his pocket, but the others are very much on.

And I am just so happy to see Tardis play. My four year old, becoming young again!


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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6 Responses to A Misty Day

  1. They all look awesome.. 🙂 Great video.. I want more horses 😉

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