Happy New Year- It Did Get Better

Time for the annual New Year post I believe. First, let’s go back to my two previous New Year posts, 2011, “it can only be better” https://starstonestenfalk.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/happy-new-year-it-can-only-be-better/ and 2012 “it must get better now” https://starstonestenfalk.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/happy-new-year-it-must-get-better-now/

Okay, so yes, 2013 did get better, hands down because for the first time in two years, I have had a whole year without losing two of my horses. Sure, I have cried for Apollon a big part of this year, since he died in December 2012, but to be fair, 2013 has been a good year.

Last year, my post ended like this;

“If I can make a wish for 2013, it would be this. Let the Saleem, Apocalipse, Marble and Tardis LIVE! I am not losing another horse for the next 15 years, I just can’t do it one more time. And please, let Tardis have a healthy foal and let us all turn a new page and start a fresh with this new life that will soon be amongst us.

If I should be greedy, I would love for 2013 to be the year where Saleem and I got to compete a little and where my books would start selling, but really, I am not asking for that. Just let my kids be happy and healthy. And let me keep them.”

First of all, 2013 saw the birth of Ablazing Legacy OX, Tardis’ fantastic foal. I don’t think I ever explained his name.

Blazie 122

Since his mothers real name (on paper) is Ac Bahiyya Jawahir OX, Ac being the name of the stud she was born to, thus making Bahiyya her first name, the foal’s name had to begin with a “b” if I would name him after her. Or with an “a” if I would name him after Aparan OX, his father. That is kind of tradition.

Also, the name is a tip of the hat to my sun god, Apollon. Hot, fiery, ablaze… like the sun.

I always wanted my dear Legacy honored in the foals name, and I wanted him named, and thus Ablaze became Ablazing Legacy, named with both an A and a B after his parents, a little after Apollon and in memory of Legacy.

It means the world to me, to have him named Legacy, even though I will never call him that. He needs his own name, which is why we call him Ablaze every day. Legacy won’t be used until he grows up and starts to do shows, then his full name will be displayed and called over the loudspeakers and somehow then, we will remember the horse that never got to live. Ablaze and I will ride for Legacy some day.


Getting to meet this fantastic young man, I must say, he has brought the smile back on my face and in time, mended some of my broken heart. Somehow it is hard to keep missing what once was, when you have something so new, so innocent, so precious and so happy in your life.

2013 did see Saleem and I compete for the first time as well. In July we rode our very first dressage class at the European Championships for Arabians, driving him across country without problems. He has been amazing, cool, happy, and up for the task, and it even made him grow as a person as well. Coming home after every show (we did four this year) he has been so confident, even to the point where he claimed his rightful place as the leader of the herd for the first time. Yes, my dear little Saleem is growing up now.

IMG_0819 IMG_0737


We competed again in September and October, the latter of the shows won him his first ribbon, and we ended the year with the last show in November, once more driving him to get there (almost) without incident. Fantastic horse on all accounts.

IMG_1191 IMG_1004

Tardis was kind of broken in, during the fall of 2013, learning to wear a rider for the first time, and walking and trotting a little. She has been an amazing horse as well, so loving and trusting, I can hardly believe it. A four year old with a foal, and she is just with me in every possible way. Today for instance, I took her away from the pasture, away from her foal, for the very first time and we walked off down the road. She was so stunningly cool, I was could not believe it.


Just like when she delivered her foal. Back then, I had only just got her, and still she came up to me once the contractions started and threw herself at my feet. The one safe place she knew she could find, was with this strange human, she hardly knew. I cannot believe how quickly she has bonded with us.


Marble has turned two years old this year and she has had a much better year than last year. Much less growing up issues, much less pain from tight tendons. Even her aggressive temper has been subsiding a bit.


She is fantastic to work with and she even tried jumping a bit for the first time- two times in the summer- and we have been taking her for walks on the road as well. She is completely cool with cars and traffic and even more dangerous, (if you ask Apollon) mailboxes.

Jumping 569

Apocalipse has had a good year as well, turning three and learning to almost accept the bridle. The bit doesn’t bother him, but the bridle does. He doesn’t like to wear anything on his face, ever. It is strange to see him grow up, it happens so fast.

Jumping 215

It feels like only yesterday I pulled him out of his mother, believing him dead, watching him draw his very first breath in utter disbelieve and relieve. It does remain the single best moment in my life, that precious moment where his tiny little nostrils flared and he lived. Now, he is going on 4 years old, and I am very likely going to be riding him come fall next year… I can’t wrap my mind around it.

IMG_7480 IMG_4840

2013 saw the release of two of my books as well. The Twins and The Crown Prince, book two and three in the Starstone Series. Now, I did say last year that I would like for them to start selling, and to be honest, they haven’t really. Sure I have sold an e-book or two, every month, and a paperback or a hardcover, once in a while, but no, they are not really selling. I am still failing on the promotion part.

twins white front crown prince white front

twins red front crown prince red

Still, just having them released is fantastic. Having them in my hand, as real books is unbelievable.


Aston and I helped my friend Noel Heart release her beautiful poetry collection, Blue Lips/ Acoustic Suicide.

blue lips front 1

Life entered out lives in February on Aston’s birthday, starved, frozen and so close to death that her legs were no longer working. She spent the first week lying in Aston’s arms, and the next clawing herself around by the use of her front legs, since her hindquarters remained paralyzed by the loss of muscle.

life 3

I found her in our hedge, crying her heart out. I have never heard a sound like that before. This was an animal, screaming for her life. I am so thankful that I heard her, that she did cry out and that we were able to save her. Now, almost a year later, she has grown a bit fat, I must admit, her legs are working, and she is a perfectly happy and very loving kitten and I could not imagine our lives without her. She is even learning to jump onto tables now, her hind legs growing stronger by every passing day. She truly earned her name, the way she held on to her last breath of life and used it to call out to me. If she hadn’t, I would have never known that she froze to death in my hedge.

tardis 001

But luckily, the life in her was stronger than her body, thus her name.

So, no deaths this year, but a birth and a rescue instead. Yes, it did get better, finally.

And I got a scooter. That is life changing, after having been riding my bike everywhere, everyday, all of my life. Self absorbed as I am, I named it Naim, after one of the characters in my books… It must have a name, if it is to be part of the family… right?

We buildt a new house for the horses as well, that was quite a project, but it turned out great, if I may say so myself.


We even got to make a music video and my band have found time to play again once in a while. Yes. It has been a good year. Thanks to whoever is responsible.

Green Pan Scarlet

If I should make a wish for 2014, it will be that once more, I get to keep all of my horses, that they will be happy and healthy and that Dark Mare Pictures, my boyfriends company will take off for real, allowing us to afford keeping our five horses. I won’t lie, in the aftermath of Apollon’s sickness, we have been struggling a lot this year, with making ends meet and paying off our vet.

I am planning on releasing My Heart, My Soul, My Star, My Endless Night (my horsemanship book) by spring 2014 and The Unicorn’s Horn (book four in the Starstone Series) by fall 2014. That would be amazing.

I am planning on doing a few shows with Saleem again, maybe even bringing Tardis by the end of the year, once she gets broken in better and becomes comfortable with the trailer.

I am hoping to break in Apocalipse by fall 2014. And I am counting on Marble to work through the last of her issues, on her body to stop bothering her and her temper to stop killing me… And I am looking forward to watching Ablaze grow up and being there to hug him and kiss him every step of the way.

So Happy New Year everybody and thanks to all the readers of my blog, you are fantastic, each and every one of you! I cannot tell you what it means to me to have you read my posts and be there with me through the hard times in my life, as well as the good. I hope I will be writing lots of happy posts next year!

demo 022


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