Sci-Fi And A Flashlight

I have been avoiding the internet for a while now, basically because I never get any writing done if I start playing on face book or scrolling through the sales ads, finding ever more horses I absolutely can’t afford to buy, but who would be perfect on my pasture…

No, I’ve been making sure not to turn on my internet connection until I have been writing every day and it’s been great. My sci-fi book is progressing nicely, although I am struggling a bit with how I want it to end, and how evil I should be… that is typical me, every time I see an option for an evil ending, all my instincts are to go for it… but my first plans for this book were not quite as evil, and so I am busy fighting myself every step of the way as the story draws to a close…

That is interesting. Especially since, when I wrote the Starstone Series, I knew exactly what would happen at all times, I knew how it would end before I wrote the first word on the first book… with The Legacy, I have gone through some pretty lost moments, and as it is, I seem to have written myself away from the vague idea of an ending I had when I started the book… I must say, I miss someone I could talk it over with, once in a while, like I did with the Starstone Series. Not that it changed much, but it did save a couple of characters, when I was being too evil and my friends absolutely put their foot down and threatened to disown me.

I haven’t sent The Legacy to anyone though, no one I trust really have the time at the moment, and so it’s just me, in a brand new world, a new universe even, and no one but me to be fair. That can’t be good.

So, in order to make this short post a little longer, here is a couple of cat pictures,  completely stolen from face book. The first one is pretty funny for me, since my friends and I have been quoting Jack since the first Pirate movie was released… Why is the rum always gone?

cat jack

The world makes sense again…

And this one, I don’t know, it just spoke to the evil side of me. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

cat sniper

Which reminds me of my friend’s horse, who I visited in the dark the other day. Imagine my surprise when my friend brought a flashlight into her pasture and her horses didn’t instantly spook and die… once again, 15 years with Poseidon sure left me well trained. I never would have dared bring a flashlight on my pasture…

But her horses, Gaia and Indie were totally cool. Indie is a Shetland pony, he really couldn’t be less impressed by the light, and Gaia is a one year old. Now she wasn’t scared at all, she was curious. Imagine that.

So I played with her for about five seconds, pretty much like you would play with a cat, making it catch the red dot. Gaia outsmarted me though and almost instantly went from trying to catch the light on the ground, to the light in my hand.

Now that is impressive, to not only not spook, but to figure out the source as well. Whoever said horses are stupid couldn’t be more wrong. I am still amazed by that response.

And of course I brought a flashlight to my own pasture, just to see if my horses would be just as cool, now that they didn’t have Poseidon to tell them to run for their lives… they didn’t flinch. They didn’t care. They didn’t think on it. No playing with the light, no looking at it in surprise… they instantly knew it was their human, doing just another one of her stupid things… I sometimes feel that my little gang of youngsters are much more grown up than they should be, secretly shaking their heads behind my back as I one by one, throw all the things at them that Poseidon and Apollon never learned to handle.

The flashlight was such a trauma for me though, I would have never introduced it if it hadn’t been for Gaia and I would have never known that it wasn’t a problem at all… Now I am wondering what else I am avoiding trying with my horses, because it was beaten into me not to, by those gorgeous red boys that used dictate my life…


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2 Responses to Sci-Fi And A Flashlight

  1. I can’t wait to read your sci-first book 🙂 i am a little behind on the Starstone series, but hopefully I’ll catch up 😉

    I was also very surprised when Indie and Gaia didn’t care about the flashlight.. It all started when I was checking their water for rats 😉 they didn’t care when I did that.. then I started to wear a head-flashlight when I was letting them out in the dark and having no extra hands. They did react to that at first, for about 5 seconds.. 🙂 gotta love horses that aren’t damaged, everything is so much easier..

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