Caixa Eletronica, Six Drivers Dead at Belmont

I am stunned, to be honest. How does two horses, run headfirst into each other at such speed, with such force that they both die instantly? What kind of fear, what state of panic had been induced for any horse to responde so blindly?

Horseracing Wrongs

A head-on collision claimed the lives of two racehorses at Belmont yesterday morning, a story receiving mainstream coverage because one, 9-year-old Caixa Eletronica (below), was a star. Apparently, 4-year-old Six Drivers, the claimer afterthought part of this tale, became unnerved on the training track, threw his rider, and darted into Caixa Eletronica. Both, according to the NYRA vet, died instantly (neck, skull fractures).

Now to the nub. Caixa Eletronica’s owner, Mike Repole: “I’m devastated. …It’s a terrible day for racing. For any horse, it’s horrible. When you hear it’s Caixa Eletronica, it’s magnified.” Why devastated and magnified? The aptly named Caixa Eletronica – Portuguese for “cash machine” – had earned $1.6 million for Repole. Chris Englehart, Six Drivers’ brand new trainer (he was claimed on December 27th), fully commiserates: “It made it 10 times worse when I found out who the other horse was.” Curiously, Englehart had nothing to say…

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One Response to Caixa Eletronica, Six Drivers Dead at Belmont

  1. saraannon says:

    I found this very interesting article on congenital malformations of the cervical vertebra in about 40% of the thoroughbreds autopsied. It doesn’t excuse the abuse on the track, but it might explain why both horses broke bones in their necks:

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