Frozen- Disney Movie


It’s sweet. It’s cute. They sing a lot. I mean, really a lot, even for a Disney movie.

Spoiler alert… !

It is beautiful though, even in 3D which is not my favorite way of watching movies. I am especially a huge fan of the ice castle.


Since we have in our small circle of friends the real Evil Icequeen, (she even has a blog here on wordpress ) our first question was of course, why don’t we have a castle like that? I mean come on! Now that would almost be worth eternal winter…


You see I am not finding it easy to review this movie, mostly because it was really pretty simple. Elsa is the crown princess and she has this special kind of magic that makes everything she touches freeze. So, she hides in her room, not letting anyone in, not even her sister Anna, who grows up to be a very lonely young girl.

Their parents drowns when their ship is lost at sea, and I got to admit, I love it that they are not brought back to a happy ending by the end of the movie. They actually die… So Elsa has to become the queen and on the day of her coronation the castle gates are opened for the first time. Anna instantly finds a man she wants to marry, mostly because he talks to her, and when Elsa forbids it, they have a fight, Elsa lose control of her powers and everybody sees that she is a witch.


She then runs off, builds her wonderful ice castle and changes from dressing like a queen to a much more modern day woman. Her song is extremely beautiful as well, I must admit…

What she didn’t expect was that she kind of froze the world around her…


Anna then sets out to find her, and she meets a guy who is in the ice selling business, and who has been raised by trolls and travels by reindeer. To be honest, he is a pretty cool character and as soon as we met him we were all smiling to ourselves, thinking that he would be a perfect match for Elsa in the end, once they got this little business with the eternal winter settled. Anna couldn’t have him of course, because we did buy the traditional Disney love-at-first-sight story with Anna and the man she met back at the castle…

And so, I must admit I was snickering to myself as the man she was about to marry turned out to be pretty evil, only wanting her to become king, taking advantage of this young lonely girl…

We find out about that of course, in the worst possible time, when Elsa has, by accident, hit Anna in the heart with her ice, and as such Anna needs an act of true love to prevent her from turning into solid ice… Christoff, the reindeer guy, takes her back to her fiancé and leaves her to him so he can save her, which of course he doesn’t.

And so we are back to the traditional Disney kiss, where the princess thought she loved one guy, but it really was the other, the rouge one, that was her true love and we all sit back and wait for Christoff to go back and save her.


He does go back. But it is not his kiss that saves her. Once again, I was snickering to myself. No true loves kiss in this movie. No, Anna gives her life to save Elsa, and the love between the sisters is what saves her in the end. Now that is cool. Awesome, in fact.

That is truly the first time in forever… warning, this song sticks to your brain like Velcro. I have been singing it since we saw that movie, and that was last year, just saying…

So should you watch it?

Of course, it’s Disney. It’s sweet, entertaining, and able to twist a few of the traditional story points in the usual Disney stories. They could have left out the snowman though, I found him rather annoying. Like a side kick that was only there to make the movie longer, because let’s face it, the story was rather thin.

Still, it is beautiful, the music is enchanting and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that ice castle? Not to mention the guardian…



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4 Responses to Frozen- Disney Movie

  1. LHK says:

    The young man in the ice business, he’s called Christoff, not Sven. Sven is the reindeer… 😛
    This movie is, by the way to cool for words, if anyone hasn’t watched it yet, go! Now…! And when your done, go watch it again…! This is Disney magic at its best…! (you actually gået goosebums!)

    • Starstone says:

      hehe I guess that’s how exciting I found it….. 😉 Who cares what the guy is called, we all know he is going to save the day… but no wait, he didn’t, and as such, he was a pretty useless character all of a sudden and could have been written completly out of the story…. Still like him though, but no, its not Disney’s best work, it really isnt….

      • LHK says:

        Maybe its not their best workshop, but its still Disney magic at its very best, and its definetly in my top 5. Maybe Even my top 3… 😉
        Its wonderfull… ❤

      • Starstone says:

        hehe well, that is perfect then 😉 I’ll watch it with you once it is out on DVD, just not as much as we have watched Tangled 😛 that one is way better 😉

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