Harry Potter Board Game

I’ve been distant for a while now, and I apologize. Sometimes it is hard to find time for everything. We have been busy painting my friends house, the one her father left her when he died, which needs to be sold before it starts costing her money, and as such, the day light hours has been far too few. Imagine, someone painted the walls in that house dark red, mint green and buttercup yellow… now as horrifying as that sounds, it is actually a very nice house, especially now when we are slowly turning it white instead.

Last night, my friend and I ended up, covered in paint (and mud from taking care of the horses, it is still raining,) sitting at her place playing this Harry Potter board game.


Yeah you read that right. A board game. We are that old fashioned.

Basically it is a game designed to test your knowledge on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Only the first book. Not the movie, not any of the others. Just the first book. I think what we love about this is that it is a GEEK version. We need that with LOTR for instance, a game that dares ask you just how much of a geek you are.

Sure, there are lots of those kinds of games and quiz books on LOTR but usually it is about the movies, which of course are unacceptable because they are riddled by mistakes, or the questions are just too easy, not nearly appealing to any geek.

This Harry Potter game though, its evil. First off, you get to play for the house you want, (technically I am sure you get chosen, but that won’t do, I can’t play for anything other than Slytherin,) which means that last night was a battle between the clever Ravenclaw and the ambitious Slytherin.

Some of the questions are easy. That’s cool enough. Some you only know how to answer because you have seen the movie a thousand times and can quote Hermione to the letter… and some, you have no chance in hell of answering. Which again is the brilliant part of this game. It is not afraid to use evil tricks like, who wrote “A thousand magical herbs and fungi?”

Oh come on, you are asking me to remember the name of a fictional writer who wrote a book that Harry only uses in the first book, which has in fact never really been written at all? Add to that it is most likely that the writer isn’t called Tom or John or something ordinary, but no, it is one of J.K’s made up names that no one knows how to pronounce anyway… brilliant. Even the most diehard geek can find questions in this game they can’t answer.

It does have a few contradictions, because this game was produced when the first book came, and it didn’t know what would happen in the future books, so there are a few trick questions where the right answer in this book is no longer really the right answer at all… that only makes it better for the geeks…

And as such, my friend and I spent about six hours last night, displaying our overwhelming amount of utterly pointless knowledge about Harry Potter, both of us winning the game twice.

Fantastic. We should find the board game for the Chamber of Secrets. Imagine that…. Yes, I think we must do so.


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  1. LHK says:

    Hell yeah…!

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