A New Story

I’ve been writing on my first Sci-fi book for a while now, and I wrote on this blog some time ago, that I wasn’t sure how I was going to end it, how usually when I start on a book I know where I am going and especially where the story needs to end. Well, turns out The Legacy kind of just worked out on its own, and even a bit before I had expected it. All of a sudden, the story just… came to a close, rather easily, rather wickedly, and still, a little less cruel than how I usually end my books…

Okay that’s a lie. I am not capable of writing a happy ending. But I didn’t kill off everybody this time, for me that is quite something… Not that I usually kill off everybody, but I do have a certain tendency to… clean up in my list of characters every chance I get…

Anyway… Turns out, the way The Legacy ended, left me wide open to continue the story in a very different setting, much more fantasy- like, once more, and I am taking this opportunity to spin the story in a direction that will allow me to describe the world of horseracing in all its cruelty, because even if I am an evil writer, I do not believe that I can even imagine half of what goes on on the race track. I know quite a lot about it, it has always been a subject dear to my heart and I do believe that it is time that someone wrote that book.

So, a Science Fantasy setting, yes, with the well known characters who has so far survived my reign of terror, in a book describing the horseracing industry. I chose to do so mostly because if I “make it up” I can be much more free to actually tell what I know of the “sport” without fearing a lawsuit if someone should feel that I am stepping on some toes… Besides, I take it that there is a bigger chance that more people will read it if I do it like this, instead of promoting it as a crusade against this legalized animal abuse that is horseracing. It will be a part of my series and it will be up to the reader to believe what he or she think is actually going on in the world we live in. Thing is though, like I said, I won’t have to make anything up at all. My only fear is that I actually don’t know enough to truly picture the horror of the racetrack…

I am planning to take a stab of the world of show jumping and dressage while I am at it, but we will see how the story turns out… this time I do know how it is going to end, (I think), and I know where I am going. So really, all I have to do is write it.

I love that, sitting down in front of a computer with a blank page in front of me, all the options in the world, (and any other world for that matter,) right there, at the tip of my fingers. Once you write down that first line, opening the story, you set the theme, the melody, the tone and the feel of the entire book. I love writing that very first line.

I wrote the first four pages last night, on this book and it just hit me today, this will be my 8th book, not counting my poetry collection This Song and the book I am writing on with Noel Heart, The Kiss, The Dragon and The Werewolf. This will be my 8th full length book.

I don’t know how to feel about that. I sure have a lot of words in my head, a lot of stories, a lot of imagination… sometimes I don’t know how my head is not exploding.

To be fair, My Heart, My Soul, My Star, My Endless Night is not fiction. That is my horsemanship book, the story of my life, and the life of my horses. That one will be out in a month or two, by the way. It is almost through the Danish translation now, so basically it needs for me to sit down and look through the pictures I want to include in it for instructional purposes.

But the five books in The Starstone Series are fictional, (some might say, I am not always sure, that story have always lived inside of me,) and The Legacy is as well (allegedly). Time Lock, the working title of my new book is still part of a series, as it is in direct connection to The Legacy, and no matter how much “inspiration” I will draw from my knowledge of the world of horses in general for this book, it will be to some extent, fictional.

I should come with a warning label.

My mind is always somewhere else, lost in space or battling dragons somewhere… I guess that is why I love horses. They don’t care what I am thinking about as long as I feed them. And they never tire of listening to my stories, as I sometimes need to talk to someone about where I am going with a story… Not that they give me much feedback, but they like the sound of my voice, and it’s nice to vocalize some of your ideas, once in a while, because somehow things sound different when you speak them out loud, instead of just sitting in your dark room, the 69 Eyes blasting away on the loud speaker, in front of your computer, battling the cat for the keyboard…

Wow why do I always end up sounding like I should be in a mental institution whenever I write about my writing?

If I know I am crazy, then I can’t be crazy right? I am sticking to that…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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