Help! The Beatles – Movie

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What can I say… it’s brilliant. Utterly insane, most of the time, but brilliant.

I guess it’s a movie you got to see for what it is. A movie from the 1960ties, where color TV only just arrived. It does have a kind of weird soundtrack most of the time, with strange voiceovers and funny noises. Watching it, you have to excuse that the sound might not have been the very best on set and well, they made up for it by recording it afterwards… I am guessing here, but that is the feel you get from most of the scenes.

It doesn’t matter though. It works. First and foremost, it works, because the four Beatles are so ready, willing and able to make fun of themselves at all times, in every possible way. The conversations amongst the four of them hardly makes any sense at all, which just adds to the entirely “off” feel this movie generates.

Take this song, for instance, where Paul, John and George are all coming on to the girl, in a very sweet scene… Ringo is pretty upset because the girl’s friends have been trying to kill him, by the way…

Basically, it’s a simple story. Ringo is sent a ring in a fan letter, he puts it on and can’t get it off again. Turns out, that ring is a holy ring, and who ever wear it must be painted red and sacrificed to the great Kaili.

And as such, the movie takes off, with one attempt to kill off Ringo after another, the others not noticing, or making fun of him for saying it… Such nice band mates…

Once they have to realize that something is up, they are not all that supportive either. John and Paul keep trying to convince Ringo that he doesn’t need his finger, John sneaking up on him with a knife and George casually mentioning that he knows of a good looking drummer that could replace Ringo…

They do involve the very famous Scotland Yard, who in turn make fun of them for being the very famous Beatles, asking them how long they think they are going to last, while “game master” is opening his endless bag of enemies, sending worshippers of Kaili after them in unlimited numbers.

We do have a crazy scientist as well, wanting the ring, because he believes he can rule the world with a ring like that… now where have we heard that before? Brilliant… what else is there to say?

By the way, here they are seeking refuge in the Bahamas, which is very sweet as well. Oh the times were so different then… Imagine a band, in a whole movie, and they don’t take their clothes off once, not even on the beach…

Note how George is throwing rocks at Ringo any chance he get, and how John is busy making fun of Paul as he is singing the lead…

Maybe you have to be in a band to know that feeling, but this is hilarious to me. Friends you can be that stupid with, are priceless…

So no, it’s not the story that is fantastic about this movie, it is the humor and the perfect way they play their characters. George for instance, made out in the media to be the one of them concerned about money, never misses an opportunity in this movie to mention money, be it insurance on Ringo’s hand, cheating in card games, leaving his wallet at home when they go to a bar, and even stealing jewelry in the back ground as the others try to get the ring of Ringo’s finger… Yes, keep an eye on him, and his tight jeans…

help 18

Paul is the pretty boy, who actually gets to dance with the girl. John is bitingly sarcastic through the entire movie, to the point of being rude a few times, which you can’t help but love him for, and Ringo is the perfect funny sidekick… of course that is a plain way to describe it, because truly there is no way of describing it, one must watch it. Again and again… But I love how they are able to play on the characters the media gave them, and so openly use them in a movie…

Imagine a band making a movie like this one today…

First off, no sex, no kissing, no nakedness… the horror… that seems impossible, doesn’t it? Is that any way to promote a band? Not showing them naked? That would never happen today…

Second, does anyone dare be that silly these days? Does anyone dare to make fun of themselves and everything they are, like this? I doubt it.

Third, one would probably get sued for being racist or anti religion or something stupid, if one dared make a movie like this one again…

So yes, go watch it. It is one of my all time favorite movies and it never gets old. The music is great, the fab four are young and cute, all of them, (seriously check out George’s jeans…) the story is silly and I dare you to watch it without laughing. I swear, it can’t be done.

So if ever you need a smile or some cheering up, Help! never fails.

I’ll leave you with this fan edited video of clips from the movie… I would have loved to show the sequence from the Alps, Ticket to Ride, but it is not on If it is, I have failed to find it, so here goes… Help;


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7 Responses to Help! The Beatles – Movie

  1. I love this movie, it is so amazingly funny in a silly way. I love that they have each their front door to get into the same room. the bed in floor is amazing, and you forgot to tell they us Ringo as a yoyo in the breaks, because a movie needs breaks right?

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    am sure.

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