I am a little blown away by how perfect these 25 voices match. I mean sure, once in a while one is a little darker than another, and a few of the languages aren’t as melodic as others, but still. This is amazing.

One of the really funny parts is when you, Iike me, understand four of the languages. The English of course, and then the Swedish, which is quite early in the song. After that, I was just watching and listening to this song in awe. I kind of know the words of it in the English version, so it feels really strange to not understand it all of a sudden. Even stranger when the Danish voice suddenly comes on and you do understand it, but it sings the wrong words… And then the Norwegian who actually sings a direct translation of Let it Go, which the Danish voice doesn’t. Still, hearing Let it Go in Norwegian, does feel a bit strange. Language is an odd thing.

You have got to hand it to Disney though, they hardly need a language you can understand in their movies, their animations speak for themselves, and if they do need different people to sing their songs, they are pretty amazing at finding voices that sound exactly the same.


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2 Responses to Language

  1. Natsu says:

    I actually enjoyed that video thank you very much. I wish I could learn more languages. But like any other language they have different rules to how they speak the language and that can be why some of the words in the song is spoken earlier. That video flowed so well.. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Starstone says:

      there are things you can’t translate directly either, Let it Go for instance, will always be a very strange sentence to sing in Danish, so I get why it can’t be a perfect translation always 😉

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