Heartagram Day 2014

Yeah, I am still a HIM’ster, even if I have been a lousy Street Team member lately. There have just been so much… My Natural horsemanship book is going through its final stages, and will be out- hopefully- in a month or so, which means that book four in the Starstone Series, the Unicorn’s horn, will enter edit and translation soon. I better run that one through one more time, just to be sure it’s exactly how I want it, before I pass it on…

Anyway, today is Feb 8th and the official Heartagram Day of 2014, (not to mention Gas’ birthday as well,) so Happy Heartagram Day everybody!


And Happy Birthday Gas!

And now, to the billion dollar question… will my scooter run today? It broke down yesterday, for no reason whatsoever. It just died. The engine set out, luckily about ten meters from the stable, but still… that sort of left me stranded at the stable, which is a bit bothersome as well…

That does draw you a picture of your friends as well, of the one who was instantly ready to hook a horse trailer to her car and take my scooter to the shop, and the other, who didn’t even bother to ask if I needed help or maybe a ride home, or any kind of comment at all.

Anyway, I decided that if we were taking it to the shop, I had better wash the mud off it, (horse girl thing, everything is always covered in mud…) so I did, and once I was done, it started… riiiight… I didn’t see that coming.

So, I decided to try and drive it home. I took it on the road and it died again, leaving me stuck in front of a car, that for some reason couldn’t figure out to just go around me. No it had to hold behind me, waiting for me to start again. I had to get off the scooter and wave the guy past me, because honestly, its heavy, you don’t just move it when it’s not running… so, I resisted my urge to kick the darn thing, and gave it a little time, before I started it again. It ran, all the way home.

So, my boyfriend and I tried taking it apart at home, because I called the shop and they didn’t have time to see it until a week from now… We figured we might make it run for that long. Turns out, these modern scooters, are impossible to fix on your own, no matter how many screws you unscrew. Everything is wrapped up, covered up and nothing looks even remotely like parts of an engine.

We couldn’t even figure out how to remove the darn glass and change the headlight that has been broken for a while now… Oh I am so going to be wearing pink, and being blonde, and standing next to the mechanic when he goes over it, asking all kinds of girlie questions…. It can’t be rocket science to change a headlight… but clearly, it’s not something you are supposed to do yourself…

It got a name change as well. I used to call it Naim, named after my favorite wizard, from my books, but come to think of it, that might be a stupid name. So, as one of my friends keep saying it should be called Ronald, (after Ron from Harry Potter of course,) I caved. It is now called Ronald. Tell you why. He doesn’t die. He may not be the luckiest person in the universe, but as my friend pointed out, he does get the girl in the end. And he doesn’t die. That’s a good thing.

So, fingers crossed I won’t get stuck somewhere on the road with a dead scooter again. Isn’t life exciting. I could just go on my bike, but really… If Ronald runs, I’d rather not…

So, once again, happy Heartagram Day 2014!

heartagram snow torch png


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